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Excellent Limoncello & Arancello by Cornelia Huber


Limonenatelier: excellent Limoncello & Arancello by Cornelia Huber

Limoncello and Arancello are citrus liqueurs that symbolize enjoyment, a positive attitude toward life, and pure joy. These fine liqueurs are produced by Cornelia Huber herself, in her lime atelier in Schallstadt, Germany.  Here, the flavours of Sicily's citrus fruits are combined with German raw materials from Kaiserstuhl. The taste, flavour, and appearance of these liqueur specialties are exclusively created with the essential oils found in the fruit, in conjunction with the gentle fermentation process. The liqueurs are carefully crafted without any additives.  An exciting taste explosion is a result. It’s no wonder Cornelia’s excellent limoncello was awarded the golden diploma during the Frankfurt International Trophy in 2020.


Freiburg, Germany

Cornelia Huber

Her liqueur journey started when Cornelia Huber wanted to learn Italian. While attending a culinary evening with an Italian friend who would help her learn the language, he brought a homemade bottle of Limoncello with him.  And then it happened: Cornelia, a trained prophylaxis assistant, fell in love with the lemon liqueur's incomparable taste. With a great deal of passion she gradually improved the recipe. In February 2018 Cornelia realized her new dream by opening the Limonenatelier. In addition to her delicious homemade Limoncello and Arancello, she also offers a range of regional delicacies, special gifts, and beautiful home accessories. 

Arancello Orange liqueur from the Black Forest.
Sweet and bitter with a light taste. The exclusive liqueur is made from Sicilian citrus fruits without additives and artificial flavours.
Limoncello  Our gold prized product is this lemon liqueur.
Serve as an aperitif, garnish for dessert, or mix into cocktails.

“Enjoyable exchange and shared enthusiasm – that's what I associate with the JRE enjoyment network.”

Cornelia Huber

Owner Limonenatelier

From the Amalfi Coast to Sicily

Cornelia was led to the Amali coast, the original home of Limoncello, in search of the perfect lemon for her Limoncello. On the sun-drenched bluffs of this stretch of land, the history of the lemon tree stretches back almost 2,000 years - the perfect place to uncover the secrets of its most important ingredient. Yet the taste of the local lemons here did not quite match Cornelia's vision for her own Limoncello.

In search of the perfect lemons

Her search was finally successful in Sicily. Here, the freshly picked lemons and oranges are characterized by a high content of essential oils, perfect acidity, rich colour, and an absolutely outstanding natural taste. The untreated natural pods of the fruits are infused with raw alcohol from the Kaiserstuhl region for weeks. Their aroma slowly develops into Limoncello and Arancello, resulting in an exquisite product.

Citrus fresh creativity without limits

Lively, fresh and unmistakably fruity: Cornelia Huber's Limoncello is a flavour bomb that is truly unbeatable. From October to April, the equally remarkable orange variant Arancello with light bitter aromas and a soft finish complements the Limonenatelier range. Both liqueurs are much more than an ice-cold digestif and are also ideal for dessert variations, or for marinating poultry.

Citrus fruit varieties

Citrus pulp, which is produced in large quantities during the liqueur's production, is also used in the latest creations from the Limonenatelier. Cornelia Huber is constantly concerned about waste, as only the fruit's skins are required. The solution came when she ran into Thomas Merkle, whom she met through the JRE Genussnetz. With a lime-salt cream and a BBQ-orange-chilli-spice dip, two new products that the two of them created are now for sale at the Limonenatelier.


Where to find

Limonenatelier Rathausgasse 12 79100 Freiburg Germany

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