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Wild herbs, edible flowers & microgreens

Keltenhof Frischprodukte

Keltenhof Frischprodukte: wild herbs, edible flowers & microgreens

.In 1999, owner Gerhard Daumüller was the first in Germany to bring “baby leafs” onto the market. With his company, Keltenhof Frischprodukte, Gerhard offers a unique selection of more than 20 different vegetables and other green gems. Keltenhof is well-known for its wild herbs, edible flowers, oxalis (micro leaf), blood sorrel, red-stemmed radish leaves, as well as its wide range of unusual herbs such as bronze fennel, various mints and yarrow. Lettuce, vegetables and herbs are cultivated on the field, under foil tunnels, and in greenhouses. The greens are harvested in the morning, processed at noon and delivered to the customer the next day. The result: extremely fresh ingredients that are appreciated by many top chefs because of their high quality and high availability. During the winter, the products come from the company’s own cultivation in Portugal, as well as from selected partners in Southern Spain.

Keltenhof Frischprodukte

Filderstadt, Germany

Gerhard Daumüller

Keltenhof owner and managing director Gerhard Daumüller is a classic farmer and master gardener. With his willingness to always try new and innovative things, he has truly made a name for himself nationwide, especially in top gastronomy. "Three to four times a year I come up with a new idea in terms of the colour, cultivation or size of a product," states Gerhard. “Regardless of how high the requirements of my star chefs are, they know that we’ll provide them with excellent herbs and greens. Our vegetables always have intense aromas, crisp leaves and attractive colours, all year round." Working with a team with over 70 committed people, Gerhard truly feels like the company is one big family. However, looking at his own role in the business, he does not merely view himself as a supplier: “I see myself as a partner that stands on equal footing with his customers.”

Wild broccoli
This wild broccoli from Keltenhof is infinitely more tender and full of flavour than its commercial counterpart. You can taste the fine asparagus aroma of the original wild vegetable in its stalk, as well as in the fresh green florets. Keltenhof’s variant is just as suitable for snacks as it is for fresh, rich salads, or to throw into exciting wok dishes.
Baby leaf blend
The distinctive baby leaves look beautiful and taste delicious. Depending on the season, red chard, red mustard, mizuna, tatsoi or Batavia leaves are used in this special blend.
Wild herbs mix
The popular go-to mix for many years. An aromatic mixture of small Asian salads, various herbs and colourful edible flowers.

"JRE: a large network characterized by quality and standards that we can be proud of. We will continue to actively accompany this culinary path."

Gerhard Daumüller

Owner Keltenhof Frischprodukte

Good climate, good soil

Keltenhof Frischprodukte is located in the town of Filderstadt, in the heart of the Baden-Württemberg region. From here, the Swabian Alb is well within sight. As well as the Schönbuch Nature Park, which begins on the western edge of the city.  As it’s situated in Southern Germany, the state of Baden-Württemberg has a relatively warm climate. So it comes as no surprise that the state’s capital Stuttgart, where the Keltenhof products are grown, offers excellent soils.

Salad & Superfood

In addition to the company’s impressive range of microgreens and wild herbs, Keltenhof recently launched a new product: superfoods. The super formula for this special baby leaf mix consists of three ingredients: kale, spinach and watercress – all offered in their freshest, most crisp state. Together, the bitter nuttiness of the kale, the juicy mildness of the spinach and the mustardy spiciness of the watercress result in a magic mixture with an extraordinary flavour composition. Yet another imaginative innovation, brilliantly invented by Keltenhof.

Keltenhof herbs on culinary journeys

Keltenhof’s herbs not only look good fresh in dishes but also offer completely new possibilities. For example as a herbal balm and in freeze-dried form. With bold ideas and exemplary quality, Keltenhof has been following sustainable, creative paths for more than two decades. The variety of wild herbs, salads and vegetables from the Keltenhof is still unique in Europe today.


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