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High-quality pork from Swabian-Hall pigs

Metzgerei Heiko Brath

You've got to have pork

Heike and Heiko Brath have been running their parents' business since 1998. Partner of the Schwäbisch Hall producer association, they see themselves as more than just a butcher's shop but rather as affineurs who produce perfect meat from good meat.

Heiko Brath

Master butcher and producer

Owner Heiko Brath is a master butcher, meat sommelier, and grill master, and has also been a lecturer for meat sommeliers at the butcher school in Augsburg for many years. Tradition and innovation are his guiding principles.

Alte Wutz – Aged pig OLD WUTZ
The signature product of the House of Brath. At least 24 days of dry-aged chops from Swabian-Hall pigs. Finely marbled and still showing a real layer of fat that is unmistakable in taste. Nutty, buttery – just something very special.
Wutze Wampe – Pig belly
Old Wutz's little brother. Boneless pork belly from Swabian Hall pigs, matured for at least 3 weeks. Incredibly juicy, aromatic, nutty and very creative. Ideal for sous-vide cooking, but also for direct grilling,
Dry-aged beef
The complete back of German heifers. It doesn't matter whether it's T-bone, chops or ribeye bone-in. Perfectly matured and unique in taste. Tender, nutty, aromatic – not a trace of musty or sour. Ultimate dry-aged enjoyment.

"If you cut meat from the best animals perfectly and then ripen it poorly, all the love and effort of the farmer has been in vain."

Heiko Brath

Owner Metzgerei Heiko Brath

Swabian-Hall producer group

Through the association with Swabian-Hall producers, the butcher's shop is always able to obtain the best quality meat in the region, cut it into the appropriate cuts, and then mature it to perfection. Apart from meat, a wide range of sausages and hams are also produced in-house.


Where to find

Metzgerei Heiko Brath Klauprechtstraße 25 76137 Karlsruhe Germany
Heiko Brath