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High-quality meat, poultry & delicacies

Hoflädchen Ochsenschläger

Hoflädchen Ochsenschläger: high-quality meat, poultry & delicacies

In 1677, the 10th generation of the Ochsenschläger family began farming in Biblis-Wattenheim. Today, Siegbert and Dagmar Ochsenschläger focus on the highest quality rather than quantity, on sustainable production, and on unusual foods. Main products are Ochsschläger's Riedgockel, black-feathered chickens, free-range guinea fowl.  There are also free-range chickens for delicious eggs, Berkshire pigs, unusual types of potatoes and ancient grains. Customers in the farm shop include regulars from the area and farther away, as well as top chefs from Jeunes Restaurateurs. In case visitors wish to extend their stay at the beautiful property, the farm also offers stylishly furnished country house apartments.

Hoflädchen Ochsenschläger

Biblis – Wattenheim, Germany

Siegbert Oochsenschläger

Siegbert Ochsenschläger took over the family business in 2006, together with his wife Dagmar. After completing his training, the trained farmer worked on a farm, then as a golf course greenkeeper for 17 years. Eventually, he was drawn back to down-to-earth farming. The Ochsenschläger family lives sustainably. As a member and sponsor of the Slow Food movement, Siegbert is committed to good, clean and fair products. Since 2019, sustainable agriculture has been providing its members with home-grown vegetables, salads, potatoes, and herbs.  In the farm shop, they offer homemade products such as free-range eggs, free-range chicken, home-made sausage and meat from Berkshire pigs as well as ham, salami and lardo, lard with herbs and spices, chicken soup, poultry stock, creative fruit spreads, chutneys, pickled cucumbers, eggnog, noodles, wholemeal flour from ancient grain and 20 types of potatoes. During the season, local farmers provide vegetables and fruit. Small manufacturers from the region and from the JRE gourmet network continuously enrich the offer.

Ochsenschlägers Reed Rooster
Berkshire pigs
Potato variety

Ochsenschlägers Reed Rooster
We collect our free-range chickens as day-old chicks directly from France. Our chickens are various slow-growing French chicken breeds.   Upon reaching the age of four to five weeks in our chick-rearing shed, they go to the mobile stalls on the meadow. During the morning, the chickens are allowed to pick grass in the meadow, scratch for worms, or sunbathe to their heart's content. In the barn there are enough perches, fresh water and a non-GMO feed mixture. For these products, we only use grain, soya, and corn that we grow ourselves.   After ninety days, the first free-range chickens are ready for slaughter and are slaughtered on our farm. This is a stress-free method for the animals and ensures the quality of their meat. Due to the slow growth, the meat is aromatic, firm to the bite, beautifully marbled and juicy. We have Ochsenschläger's Riedgockel, guinea fowl and black-feathered chickens.

Berkshire pigs
Beautiful England Berkshire pigs provide us with the finest pork in the world. Birkshires are black with white socks on their legs, a white blaze on their face, and a white tail tip. They have upright ears and are very robust.   The texture of the meat puts it on a par with Japanese Kobe beef, known locally as Wagyu. As with Wagyu meat, intramuscular fat deposits contribute significantly to the unique taste. When roasted, Berkshire beef develops a slightly nutty note.   The piglets are allowed to stay with their mother for a very long time and then grow up in the large herd with the other pigs.   We give our pigs home-grown feed and provide them with a stable with plenty of straw and a large outdoor run. Pigs are allowed to grow at their own pace, so they're usually bigger and fatter than their peers.

Potato variety
We grow up to 20 different old potato varieties with red, blue or yellow skin and flesh. There are waxy, mainly waxy and floury potatoes such as Golden Wonder, Adretta, Bamberger Hörnchen, Blaue St. Galler, Rote Emmalie, Odenwald Blaue, Vitelotte, Orla, Laura, La Ratte, Shetland Black, Mecklenburger Schecke.

"JRE's goal is to distinguish themselves through their fine dining. I would like to do the same with the good products from my small, fine farm. That's why I think we're a good match."

Siegbert Ochsenschläger

Owner Ochsenschläger

Agriculture - Sustainable production

The agricultural family business is located in the district of Bergstrasse in the municipality of Biblis-Wattenheim in southern Hessian. Here, on 45 hectares of land, cereals, ancient grains, maize, soybeans, and 20 varieties of potatoes are grown. The free-range hens and free-range roosters have green spaces seeded with clover and grass. Our farm is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This means that the feed for the free-range chickens, free-range chickens and pigs is self-produced and the animals have plenty of space and fresh air for daily life. Our customers appreciate this very much.

My pigs, my chickens

There are different groups of pigs living on straw and a large outdoor run. The chickens live in 3 mobile chicken houses. The chicken mobiles are moved a little further on the green field every week. This way, the chickens always have fresh grass to eat. In addition to the mobile stalls, there is a large field on the green meadow for the chickens to run around.

My potatoes

The Ochsenschläger family grows up to 20 different old potato varieties with red, blue or yellow skin and flesh. There are waxy, mainly waxy and floury potatoes such as Golden Wonder, Adretta, Bamberger Hörnchen, Blaue St. Galler, Rote Emmalie, Odenwald Blaue, Vitelotte, Orla, Laura, La Ratte, Shetland Black, and Mecklenburger Schecke. We also grow old types of grain in our fields, such as einkorn, emmer, spelt, champagne rye, and Bordeaux wheat.

My vegetables

For sustainable agriculture, old types of vegetables are grown, such as chard, radishes, turnips, sun-ripened tomatoes, beetroot, courgettes, lettuce, and carrots. By doing so, the Ochsenschläger family contributes to the preservation of old regional foods.


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Hoflädchen Ochsenschläger Rheinstraße 15 68647 Biblis – Wattenheim Germany

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Hoflädchen Ochsenschläger