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Daniel Canzian

Kitchen has always been the most important ingredient in the life of Daniel Canzian. His family of “Osti” in Conegliano Veneto, has lit up his passion since he was a child - the same passion that pushed Daniel to travel and work in the best Italian and French Restaurants - until he met Gualtiero Marchesi, becoming his Executive Chef in Marchesino and eventually for all the restaurants of the group. The decision to start his first entrepreneurial challenge arrived after conquering the Best Young Chef “Pellegrino Artusi” Award. 2013 is when the first meal was served at Ristorante Daniel, the place where Daniel Canzian expresses his cooking philosophy, focused on the respect of the Italian regional tradition and seasonality, with an essential and minimalistic approach. Starting from 2015, going around the San Marco market, Daniel Canzian started building strong relationships with local producers that allow him to emphasize the territorial ingredients and express his idea of Italian Contemporary Cuisine. From that moment, Daniel’s mission has been to restore the regional Italian recipes with a new approach. The pureness of this cooking style allows Daniel to cook menus also for private events and caterings. Daniel Canzian’s contemporary Italian dishes have been chosen for the Gala Dinner of Teatro alla Scala in 2018 and for the inaugural event of Aqua, the Salone del Mobile 2019’s exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. As member since 2016 of JRE-Italia, in January 2019 Daniel Canzian became also part of the International board od JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, having the chance to interact with colleagues and young protagonists of the international gastronomy scene. Since January 2020 Daniel Canzian is also Vice-President of JRE-Italia.

Daniel Canzian Ristorante

Milan (MI), Italy
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

In 2013, Daniel Canzian opened Daniel Canzian Ristorante in Milan, focusing on the plural identity of Italian cuisine, capable of embracing the infinite diversity and nuances found in each of its regions. Daniel Canzian, in the heart of Brera, has embarked on a path of "restoration" of traditional Italian recipes, lightening them to make them more suitable for contemporary palates, removing rather than adding and working in unison with the rhythm of the seasons, thanks to the close relationship with small producers.

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