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Riccardo Di Giacinto

Top chef Riccardo Di Giacinto gives a unique spin on each and every one of his culinary creations. This results in dishes that aren’t just meals, but also tell a story. Determined to make it as a chef, Riccardo completed his training in Italy and abroad. He has gained experience with renowned chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Marco Pierre White. In April 2007, he opened restaurant All'Oro, together with his partner Ramona Anello. The couple also runs the accompanying five-star hotel The H’All Tailor Suite.


Rome (RM), Italy
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Owner and chef Riccardo Di Giacinto beautifully showcases his Michelin star cuisine at his hotel restaurant All’Oro. Celebrating the culinary tradition of his homeland, the chef prepares contemporary and creative Italian dishes with a modern twist and the occasional influence from the Lazio region.

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