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Francesco Laera

Meet chef Francesco Laera, a culinary prodigy born in Putignano, Italy, in 1984. Follow his remarkable journey from a young enthusiast to a renowned master of gastronomy. This blog post uncovers his unwavering passion for cooking and his relentless pursuit of perfection that led to the creation of the acclaimed Il Fè Ristorante.

Noci, Bari, Italy
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Discover a culinary gem: Il Fè Ristorante, located in Puglia. Founded in 2015 by chef Francesco Laera, this charming and elegant ristorante presents exceptional gourmet cuisine, skilfully blending regional tastes with a global touch. Go on a sensory adventure like no other, featuring the renowned dish ‘Il nero e il mare’ (The black and the sea), where your vision takes a secondary role, enabling the other senses to fully delight.

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Early years and culinary passion

Francesco Laera's love for cooking ignited during his childhood in Putignano, where he was exposed to the magic of flavours in his family kitchen. This early fascination sparked an unwavering passion for the culinary arts that would shape his future.

A journey to culinary excellence

Fuelled by his ambition, Francesco Laera enrolled in a prestigious hospitality school, eager to refine his culinary skills. He embarked on a journey of culinary exploration, working at various local restaurants to gain hands-on experience. However, his thirst for knowledge and desire to broaden his horizons led him to explore different regions and cuisines.

Culinary exploration and growth

Determined to refine his culinary artistry, Francesco Laera immersed himself in diverse culinary traditions across Italy. From traditional villages to bustling cities, he absorbed the essence of each culinary heritage, infusing his creations with unique and captivating flavours.

The dream realized: Il Fè Ristorante

In March 2015, Francesco Laera's lifelong dream became reality with the opening of Il Fè Ristorante. Nestled within the historic trulli structures of Noci, this elegant establishment epitomizes his dedication to perfection. Here, chef Laera could fully express his culinary finesse and deliver an extraordinary dining experience to his guests.

Culinary legacy of excellence

Today, chef Francesco Laera's legacy continues to flourish at Il Fè Ristorante. His commitment to finding the finest local ingredients and combining them with international inspirations results in culinary surprises that delight the senses. Guests from around the world appreciate the iconic ‘Il nero e il mare’, a dish that exemplifies his innovation and dedication to elevating the dining experience.