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Federico Beretta

A talented owner-chef with a passion for terroir & modern Italian cuisine

Chef Federico Beretta was born in Milan in 1983. He is the patron chef at Feel restaurant in Como. Throughout his dishes, he uses his energy and intuition to tell his culinary tale of the seasons, the territory, and the raw materials. He studied to become a catering services technician at the Amerigo Vespucci Hotel Institute in Milan. In 2014, after 11 years of working in the kitchens of Lombardy and foreign locations, chef Federico opened Feel restaurant together with his wife Elisa. The dishes Federico prepares represent a vision of the valleys, meadows, forests, and lakes in the region in which he lives. This local cuisine is known for its distinct tastes, textures, and experiences, which reflect the nature of this beautiful corner of Lake Como.

The dishes I cook represent my vision of the territory in which I live, made up of mountains, meadows, woods and inland waters.

Federico Beretta


Como (CO), Italy
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Located in Como, situated in the historic city center, you will find restaurant Feel. Here, owner and chef Federico Bereta offers his guests a gourmet cuisine linked to the territory.

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