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Alberto Basso

Born in 1984, chef Alberto Basso studied at the Portinari chef school, which is part of the 2-Michelin-starred La Peca restaurant. Two objectives are equally important to him: the pleasure of the senses and the creation of cohesive dishes with distinct textures. He wants you to experience the culinary joy of being able to fully enjoy each ingredient. With his creative cuisine, chef Alberto makes the most of local products, but he is not tied to his own region. In search of the best raw materials, his search extends across the whole of Italy. At restaurant TreQuarti, Alberto combines elements of tradition with modern and efficient cooking methods that enable him to rethink each dish in a contemporary way. The result is a dish in which the main elements remain easily recognizable, wrapped in a game of contrasts and exquisite sensations.


Spiazzo di Grancona (VI), Italy
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The creative Italian cuisine at restaurant TreQuarti in Grancona is a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. A modern minimalist-style restaurant with three cozy dining rooms featuring contemporary food that's always evolving.  The dishes here represent an intoxicating combination that is born from deeply rooted local knowledge by chef Alberto Basso. His excellent food is a result of his extensive studies and his wide culinary inspiration. The restaurant’s sommelier makes sure the food-wine pairings are always on par.

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