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Andrea Monesi

Chef Andrea Monesi was born in Novara in 1991 and since he was a child has had a keen interest and passion for food and the many different ways that ingredients can be used. Standing in his family kitchen, he observed his parents cooking and decided there and then that this would be the career path that he would follow. After graduating, he was fortunate to work alongside several well-respected chefs including Marta Grassi and Matteo Vigotti and learned many techniques that he still uses today. In 2012 he began working at Locanda di Orta with Sara Orlando and in 2019 began running the restaurant himself and worked hard to ensure that his personality, passion, and commitment to quality food were present in every aspect of the dining experience. In 2018, Andrea was awarded a Michelin star as recognition for the versatility of his menu and his hard work and dedication.

Locanda di Orta

Orta San Giulio, Italy
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Located in the beautiful village of San Giulio and overlooking the lake of the same name, Locanda di Orta is a cosy, intimate restaurant that creates simple yet exquisite dishes using local ingredients and traditional recipes. Awarded a Michelin star in 2018, this restaurant takes guests on a gastronomic journey to the past while surprising them with unique and exotic flavours throughout.

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