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Roberto Tonola

To chef Roberto Tonola, cooking is a passion that was passed down through generations, a true family story. Son of chef Antonio Tonola, Roberto likes to experiment with new creations based on local products. For example, eggs from wild hens that roam freely in the woods, chestnuts and mushrooms harvested in the forests, and wild game from the nearby hunting areas.  Chef Roberto's excellent cuisine features traditional dishes remastered with taste, along with innate curiosity and technical ability with the ingredients available at the changing of the seasons. Roberto represents the third generation at Lanterna Verde, and is the only second-generation JRE member.

Lanterna Verde

Villa di Chiavenna (SO), Italy
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Lanterna Verde is situated in the town of Villa di Chiavenna, in the Italian region Lombardy. This typical traditional mountain house with exposed beams and frescoes even has a fireplace and a veranda, making it the ideal place for a romantic getaway.

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