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Alex Haselwanter

Alex Haselwanter: mastering the art of Alpine-mediterranean fusion

From Apprentice to Maestro Alex's Culinary Journey From a tender age, Alex's ardour for the culinary arts shone brightly. Raised in the shadows of the Alps, he was fortunate to glean the culinary craft first-hand from his father, a celebrated chef in the locality. Yet rather than simply treading in his father's path, Alex successfully crafted his distinctive culinary style; a charming fusion of classic Alpine gastronomy and the exuberant tastes of La Méditerranée.


Chiusa d'Isarco (BZ), Italy
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In the town of Gufidaun in South Tyrol, Italy, lies hotel restaurant Unterwirt. This fine-dining destination is situated in a characteristic pink inn that dates back to the 13th century. Surrounded by the idyllic mountain landscape of the Isarco valley, it’s the perfect setting for your culinary journey.

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Alpine-mediterranean Fusion: a delightful culinary blend

The key to his success lies in his skilful ability to harmoniously bring together the culinary traditions of the High Mountains with the vibrancy and freshness of mediterranean dishes. While these two cuisines may appear quite distinct, Alex adeptly blends them, crafting dishes that captivate the palates of his diners. The assortment of aromatic herbs and fresh spices cultivated in the restaurant's extensive garden provides a unique and irresistible medley of flavours.

Fresh from the Garden: a wealth of flavours

When the weather permits, the restaurant's vast garden yields a wealth of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Alex takes to the garden himself, handpicking herbs, and vegetables, guaranteeing that his dishes contain the freshest and finest produce. This dedication to freshness contributes an additional dimension of richness to his culinary masterpieces.

Foraging secrets: nature's treasures in every dish

But he doesn't halt there. Alex explores the nearby woods and picturesque meadows, uncovering hidden ingredients that impart a distinctive allure to his creations. This communion with nature not only imparts a hint of enchantment to his dishes but also underscores his profound reverence and affection for the environment. Scouring for local gems enables Alex to infuse his dishes with unparalleled and genuine flavours.

Savouring regional treasures: Alex's narrative cuisine

Alex's menu is a tribute to regional cuisine, guiding diners on a voyage through the flavours and fragrances of both the Alps and La Méditerranée. Every dish narrates a tale, merging tradition with innovation, culminating in an indelible culinary sojourn. His creations stand as a testament to the significance of utilising locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, embodying a sustainable and environmentally aware approach.

Sustainable Dining: Locally sourced and seasonal ingredients

Beyond the kitchen, Alex's commitment extends to the local community, where he proactively arranges culinary events to foster the gastronomic culture of the region and bolster small local producers. His devotion to the culinary heritage of the region has established him as a prominent figure in the local culinary arena. Procuring ingredients locally not only sustains the community but also guarantees the freshest and most flavoursome components for his dishes.

Attention to detail: culinary craftsmanship on your plate.

Alex's dedication to the culinary arts is evident not only in the exquisite flavours he creates but also in the meticulous attention to every detail. From the precision in plating to the gracious hospitality extended to guests, Alex ensures that every aspect of your dining experience is flawless. Each dish is meticulously crafted with imagination, transforming your meal into a visual masterpiece. The artistic presentation enhances the overall dining experience, creating lasting memories.