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Silvio Battistoni

A talented owner-chef with a passion for modern Italian cuisine

As a child, chef Silvio Battistoni helped his father Franco in the kitchen of their family restaurant "Il Ghiottone" in Nebbiuno. He decided to study at the prestigious hotel school of Stresa. After he finished his culinary education, Silvio traveled the world to gain experience.  He worked at Hotel de Paris in Montecarlo, the Moulin de Mougins Hotel on the French Riviera, with Roger Vergé, Hotel Negresco da Maximin, and in several places in Switzerland. Through this journey of joys, pains, and a lot of hard work, his distinctive culinary style has emerged, which he now demonstrates at restaurant Albergo Colonne.

Talent and passion in welcoming our guests are our keywords every day.

Silvio Battistoni

Albergo Colonne

Varese (VA), Italy
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Located on top of a hill in the stunning town of Sacro Monte di Varese lies hotel restaurant Albergo Colonne. This perfect location for a romantic getaway has three outdoor terraces with panoramic views of Lake Varese and the picturesque surrounding area.

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