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Alessandro Tormolino

Alessandro Tormolino is a well-known young chef whose passion for the authentic Italian cuisine that he prepares at SENSI comes from the fresh ingredients available in the Campania region. Since he was a young boy he has been passionate about cooking and over the years has worked in Michelin star restaurants with some of the world’s leading chefs including Gianfranco Vissani, Alfonso Iaccarino, Mauro Colagreco and Giorgio Locatelli. Alessandro’s dishes will take you on a culinary journey that is guaranteed to awaken all of your senses. He achieves this by exploring the flavours of different cuisines and  cultures and relating them to his home of Italy and the produce that he can easily get his hands on. His chef’s table has become a firm favourite for residents and visitors to the famous Amalfi Coast as Alessandro is on hand to show guests how he turns humble ingredients into mouth-watering masterpieces.

“Cooking evolves from our memories, our love and passion for tradition but also a search for innovation”.

Alessandro Tormolino


Amalfi, Italy
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Soak up some of the finest views on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast from this 18th-century building whilst enjoying delicious Italian food prepared by Chef Alessandro Tormolino. The beautiful interior is a combination of modern touches and original features that perfectly enhance the colours of the Amalfi Coast and the surrounding vistas.

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