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Michele Castelli

Chef Michele Castelli was born in Matera, where he returned after six years at Osteria Francescana with its three Michelin stars and two years at Ristorante Italia in Istanbul, under the guidance of chef Massimo Bottura. After deciding to branch out on his own and use his experience to open his own restaurant, in September 2017, he and his partner Virginia opened Dimora Ulmo in Matera. Virginia Caravita was born in Ferrara and has worked with starred chefs such as Massimo Bottura at Ristorante Italiano in Istanbul and Luca Marchini at Erba del Re, a well-known restaurant in Modena.

Dimora Ulmo

Matera, Italy
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Dimora Ulmo opened its doors in Matera in September 2017, the passion project of three partners, Michele Castelli, Francesco Russo and Nicola Andrisani. The restaurant is located in a historic building from the 1700s that has been renovated while carefully maintaining the original style and features as much as possible.

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