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Gian Marco Russo

Join us on an extraordinary culinary journey as we explore the rise of Gian Marco Russo, a talented chef hailing from Castagnole Piemonte, Piedmont. From his formative years at prestigious hospitality schools to his MICHELIN-starred success in Shanghai, witness how Gian Marco's passion for cooking has propelled him to culinary stardom.

Granoturco Bistrot

Castagnole Piemonte, Italy
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Welcome to Granoturco Bistrot, where rustic charm meets modern flair to offer a unique and memorable dining experience. Established by Gian Marco Russo and manager Merve Ilicak Russo, the Bistrot's ethos draws from their global work experiences, blending cosmopolitan dining with authentic countryside touches.

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Unveiling Istanbul's Culinary Heritage

Learn how Gian Marco's decision to move to Istanbul, Turkey, shaped his culinary skills as he worked with prominent Italian chefs. Discover the pivotal role he played in the grand opening of the Four Seasons Hotel on the banks of the Bosphorus, and how it set the stage for his illustrious career.

Crowned Best Chef in Istanbul

Explore Gian Marco's triumph at the renowned restaurant "Pipa" and the recognition he received as the Best Chef in Istanbul by Time Out magazine. Delve into his culinary philosophy, where he celebrates local ingredients while incorporating his international experiences to craft unforgettable dishes.

From Istanbul to Shanghai

A Culinary Odyssey: Follow Gian Marco's insatiable thirst for exploration as he embarks on a new adventure in Shanghai, China. Witness his growth and dedication over two years, culminating in his prestigious role as a Junior Sous Chef at the revered two-MICHELIN-starred restaurant, Otto e Mezzo Bombana.

Roots Reimagined

Piedmont's Influence: Discover how Gian Marco Russo's roots in Castagnole Piemonte continue to influence his culinary creations. Embrace his passion for using local produce, infusing each dish with the flavors and traditions of his homeland, while showcasing the finesse he acquired from his international journey.

A Symbol of Culinary Excellence

Witness Gian Marco Russo's journey as a symbol of culinary excellence and inspiration. Learn how his dedication, passion, and innovation have earned him a place on the global culinary stage, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide.