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Simone Nardoni

The young talented chef Simone Nardoni was born in 1987 and is now patron-chef of restaurant Essenza. His willingness to learn new techniques and gain experiences as a cook took him to northern Italy and abroad. But his desire was ultimately to bring this wealth of knowledge home to Pontinia, where he realized his dream: a personal concept of gastronomy at restaurant Essenza.  Through his contemporary style of cooking, chef Simone combines past recipes and flavours with modern techniques. His dishes draw gourmets from near and far and set the incredibly high standard for gastronomy, in Terracina and beyond.


Terracina (LT), Italy
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Situated in the Italian beach town Terracina, you will find this excellent restaurant Essenza just a stone’s throw from the sea. Here, owner and chef Simone Nardoni re-invents traditional dishes, while remaining respectfully anchored in the region.

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