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Luca Marchini

A Michelin-starred chef & entrepreneur with a passion for creative Italian cuisine

Chef Luca Marchini followed his passion for cooking immediately after graduation from Economics and Commerce. He tells a story of harmony, balance, experimentation and bond with his territorial roots through his dishes. Luca's dishes are composed of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients that pay homage to the rich culinary tradition of Emilia Romagna, to Italy as a whole, but also address new ways of expressing culinary creativity.

The kitchen is "listening" to every personal impression and that of others: this is what evolution wants.

Luca Marchini 

L'Erba del Re

Modena (MO), Italy
MdH Membre d'Honneur

The city of Modena, Italy, is home to multi-award-winning gourmet restaurant L'Erba del Re. This culinary hotspot is set right in the historic heart of the city, on one of its most stunning squares: Pazzetta della Pomposa.

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