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L'Erba del Re

Restaurant L'Erba del Re

The city of Modena, Italy, is home to multi-award-winning gourmet restaurant L'Erba del Re. This culinary hotspot is set right in the historic heart of the city, on one of its most stunning squares: Pazzetta della Pomposa.

L'Erba del Re

Modena (MO), Italy
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Luca Marchini

Luca Marchini
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Luca Marchini is chef and owner at restaurant L'Erba del Re. After graduating from Economics and Commerce, he immediately pursued his passion for cooking. After a substantial apprenticeship in prestigious starred restaurants in Italy and abroad, Luca opened his restaurant in 2003. A little later he started the catering division L ’Erba del Re and subsequently the Amaltea Cooking School and trattoria Pomposa Al Re gras. In 2020 he launched his most recent project, Bottega DA RE, an online food shop with products of great craftsmanship.

1 Michelin star

Creative cuisine

Excellent wines

Restaurant L'Erba del Re

Like in any self-respecting dining spot, the menus are wonderfully complemented by an outstanding wine list. The restaurant itself is elegantly furnished, sober and in neutral tones. In the intimate dining room, guests can get a glimpse of the kitchen. When the weather allows it, you can also wine and dine outdoors.

L'Erba del Re’s cuisine

In the kitchen of restaurant L'Erba del Re, you’ll find top chef Luca Marchini working his magic. Together with his talented team, he cooks up dishes that are creative, contemporary and modern. Such as one of his specialties: beef fillet with sweet and sour sauce, broccoli sauce, and smoked herring. But diners can also indulge in more traditional options, including several Emilian delicacies. Awarded one coveted Michelin star, there’s no doubt chef Luca’s cuisine will amaze your palate. The chef's table allows guests to see everything that is normally hidden within the walls of the kitchen. This unique experience connects you with the culinary essence of a recognized chef, and will surely amaze your eyes and your taste buds.

Modena area

Restaurant L'Erba del Re is located in Modena, northern Italy. This city is known for its car industry, as it’s the headquarters of factories from upscale sports car makers, such as Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari. In fact, the city itself is named after a Ferrari car: the 360 Modena,  Some of Modena’s fascinating historic sights include the Town Hall, the Ducal Palace, and the Cathedral of Modena, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you like to explore a large nearby city, you can visit Bologna (55 km).

As JRE we wish to preserve the past and celebrate the future. We are committed to keeping tradition alive and that for almost 46 years. In the name of our peers, their art of living and long-standing expertise, one of Luca Marchini's core values focuses on the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Luca Marchini - L'Erba del Re, Modena, Italy - Heritage Award 2019 - by Parmigiano Reggiano



L'Erba del Re Via Castel Maraldo 45 41121 Modena (MO) Italy


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Opening times

Monday 20:00 - 22:45
Tuesday 12:30 - 14:30 20:00 - 22:45
Wednesday 12:30 - 14:30 20:00 - 22:45
Thursday 12:30 - 14:30 20:00 - 22:45
Friday 12:30 - 14:30 20:00 - 22:45
Saturday 12:30 - 14:30 20:00 - 22:45

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