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destination • January 26th, 2023

Destination Emilia Romagna, Italy


Emilia Romagna, in Italy is located in the north of the country between Florence and Venice and extends from the Apennine Mountains to the Adriatic coast. It is a fascinating culinary destination thanks to its microclimate, landscape and diverse nature as it ranges between plains, hills, mountains and the sea and is also the region with the largest number of PDO and PGI products. It is famed for the rich medieval history at its heart and its brightly coloured seaside resorts along the coast.

Cuisine in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is considered one of the richest regions of Italy with regards to its gastronomic and wine-making traditions. The region is most famous for its filled pasta made with soft wheat flour called tortellini, however other typical products that can be easily found and enjoyed are Parma ham, salame di Felino, culatello di Zibello, Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic Vinegar traditionally from Modena and Reggio Emilia. It’s a gastronomic playground. One of the most famous wines of the region is Lambrusco, both the name of the grape and the sparkling red wine that is made from the grape. The wine’s history goes back centuries to when the Etruscans cultivated the vine in the Emilia part of the region.

Sightseeing in Emilia Romagna

It is not just gastronomy that has put Emilia Romagna on the map for centuries. It has a wealth of historical fascination filled with ancient castles, fresco filled churches, dramatic mountain passes and a stunningly colourful coastline to rival the riviera, where you will find pavement cafes frequented by the bold and the beautiful. There is so much to do in the region and days can be filled with countryside walks, wine and gastronomy tours or simply spending the day lying on the beach admiring the aquamarine waters.

JRE Chefs in Emilia Romagna

Unsurprisingly, when JRE started looking for restaurants to partner with, Emilia Romagna was one of the first regions visited. The combination of fine wines and stunning fresh local produce has tempted some of the most exciting new names in Italian and international gastronomy.

L'Erba del Re, with Chef Luca Marchini is known throughout Modena for its tantalising and vibrant tasting menus and it’s beautiful location on one of the most spectacular squares in the city. Understated elegance and contemporary cuisine are exactly what its loyal customers have come to love.

A local village trattoria has been beautifully transformed by Chef Carla Aradelli and her sommelier husband Maurizio. Located in the picturesque foothills of Ponte dell'Olio, Riva’s menu celebrates local dishes made from seasonal and local produce within a refined and sunny atmosphere.

Chef Aurora Mazzucchelli received her first Michelin star in 2008 for family restaurant Marconi which she has been running since 2000 where she and her brother, maître d and sommelier Massimo Mazzucchelli, have transformed this local restaurant into something extraordinary.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, Chef Mariano Guardianelli travelled extensively throughout Europe before deciding to open Abocar Due Cucine in the beautiful seaside town of Rimini. Awarded a coveted Michelin star, the restaurant is vibrant and fun with a meeting of two faraway lands. Sommelier Camilla perfectly matches the extensive wine list to the delicious locally sourced menu.

2 Michelin starred Chef Alberto Faccani of Magnolia fame is a young chef who has found fame far beyond the Adriatic coast location, with international visitors seeking out the restaurant that combines his fascination with art, colour and flowers to present and produce dishes that wow all those who come into the modern and minimalistic dining room.

Part of a new generation of Italian chefs, 2 Michelin starred chef Max Mascia is showing off his talents at restaurant San Domenico. Located in the city of Imola, this beautiful restaurant that is part gastronomic heaven, part art gallery, never ceases to delight. Max’s food is always innovative and he is ready to excite and entertain his guests with delicious food and fantastic modern techniques.