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news • November 23rd, 2021

In the new term we will further promote sustainable development


The JRE-Slovenija association unanimously reaffirmed the management and set development guidelines for the future

At the JRE-Slovenia members meeting on Monday 22 November the elections were held. President Gašper Puhan, who runs Galerija okusov in Novo Celje, received full support from members and international management and thus obtained a new, two-year term. The Board consists of three other members - Marko Pavčnik (Pavus – Grad Tabor in Laško), Grega Repovž (Gostilna Repovž in Šentjanž) and Hans van Manen, active executive director of the international association JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs. 

“In our projects, the promotion of all key building blocks of gastronomy and Slovenia as an exceptional touristic, culinary, wine-growing and green region is of extreme importance for us. In the coming year, we will be even more committed to raising awareness of sustainable guidelines in our everyday activities as well as among guests on the one hand and partners, suppliers, growers and farmers on the other. Cooperation is key to realizing green strategies and changing the future.” said Gašper Puhan, JRE-Slovenia president, who runs Galerija okusov.

In recent years, the Slovenian association of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs has managed to establish a clearer structure and professionalization of development office, gained an international member of the board – the active executive director Hans van Manen - and with refreshed efforts, the management has set even more ambitious projects and higher goals.

As part of an international organization, the JRE-Slovenia carries an important message in Europe about respect for food, exchange of experiences, promotion of tradition through innovation of talented individuals, preservation of the environment and, last but not least, development of a never-ending passion for culinary professions.

Considering the many successfully implemented activities, JRE-Slovenia ranks at the very top at the international level. Last year, two new members joined the Slovenian association. Together with partners we organized more than 15 events that hosted more than 1,500 people - all this despite the difficult situation during the epidemic. As part of the sustainable guidelines' promotion, most members have already obtained the voluntary eco-label award Green Key and certificate Slovenian Green Cuisine, which strengthens the association's excellent cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO). Environmental programs also formally regulate the already established activities within the members' restaurants and accommodations to preserve the environment and optimize the use of funds and costs, and they also signed a green commitment for Slovenian tourism, which encourages the gradual elimination of single-use plastics.

We have set up several projects, including Wine Stories where in premium partnership with Nova KBM, we each year intertwine the narrative of first-class winemakers and select 6 top wines, which are presented in an exclusive package. The selection of wines pursues the goal of the best possible, comprehensive presentation of Slovenia as a wine-growing country and the education of the general public. Over the next year, we will continue with the set projects, including the all-Slovenian project promoting the careful use and drinking of tap water, which we are developing together with Steklarna Hrastnik and other partners. This project with an extremely noble goal is also ready for an international format.

The members and international support play an important role in developing JRE-Slovenia, however, the partners have also a special role. “Nova KBM connects all stakeholders in the market in an innovative way and supports socially responsible projects and associations such as JRE. Being in the best company, offering the best you can and returning to the environment is a combination of values that large companies should be aware of," said John Denhof, President of the Management Board of Nova KBM, who is also a Premium partner of the association.

JRE-Slovenia partners include Miele Slovenia, Römerquelle (Coca-Cola), Steklarna Hrastnik, Winterhalter Gastronom, Radgonske gorice, STO, eVino, Big Green Egg, FIDUCIA, Sistem-PRO, Ingrins and others.