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news • June 20th, 2024

Sustainable Gastronomy Day: A Culinary Celebration at HRC Culinary Academy Bulgaria


The HRC Culinary Academy, in collaboration with JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs and the restaurant “Talents,” marked Sustainable Gastronomy Day with a series of enlightening and flavorful events. This global observance, held annually on June 18th, highlights the critical role of sustainable gastronomy in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A Day of Learning and Inspiration

The day began with a warm welcome to HRC Culinary Academy students and alumni, who gathered for a series of masterclasses led by two esteemed JRE chefs, Alexandre Ciriello and Mathijs van Milt. Chef Ciriello, from L'Horizon in France, and Chef van Milt, from Lokaal in the Netherlands, shared their extensive knowledge on sustainable cooking practices. These masterclasses, focusing on local ingredient utilization and zero-waste techniques, were a hit among the attendees, who left with new insights and inspiration for their culinary journeys.

Educational Lectures on Sustainability

Following the masterclasses, participants were treated to two informative lectures. The first, delivered by a sustainable cocoa processing expert, delved into the intricacies of eco-friendly cocoa production and the importance of ethical sourcing. The second lecture explored the science of fermentation, a technique that not only enhances flavor but also supports sustainability by reducing food waste and preserving local produce.

Gala Dinner at Restaurant “Talents”

The evening culminated in a lavish dinner at the esteemed restaurant “Talents,” where the focus remained on sustainable food practices and the use of local ingredients. The specially curated menu featured dishes that highlighted the chefs' dedication to sustainability:

  • Bread and Butter with Fermentations by Chef Vladislav Penov from Cosmos.

  • Beetroot Variations with Matured Caviar, Wasabi Leaves, and Smoked Fish by Chef Alexandre Ciriello from L'Horizon.

  • Mushroom Confit with Mushroom Ketchup, Sourdough Bread Cracker, Smoked Sea Buckthorn Sauce, Carrot Tip Powder, and Homemade Hazelnut Trahana by Chef Lyuben Koychev from Talents.

  • Watermelon with Lime and Bulgarian White Cheese by Chef Veselin Kalev from aEstivum.

  • March Violets with Buttermilk and Seasonal Fruits by Chef Mathijs van Milt from Lokaal.

Each dish was a testament to the chefs’ creativity and commitment to minimizing environmental impact while delivering exquisite flavors. Priced at 110 BGN per person, the dinner also featured a special wine pairing that perfectly complemented the sustainable theme of the evening.

A Commitment to Sustainable Gastronomy

The day's events at HRC Culinary Academy and the restaurant “Talents” underscored the significance of sustainable food consumption. Emphasizing local products, energy-efficient cooking methods, and zero-waste practices, the celebration offered a blend of education and culinary delight that left a lasting impression on all participants.

The event was proudly supported by Worldchefs and Mastercard, reinforcing a global commitment to promoting sustainable gastronomy.