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Alfred Prasad

In 2002, Alfred Prasad earned the honour of being the youngest Indian chef to receive a Michelin star. He has held the star for thirteen years along with several other accolades. His culinary philosophy of Heritage, Health and Happiness, lies at the core of his cooking. He is highly lauded for his original take on traditional Indian cuisine. His mouth-watering seasonal menus put a fabulous 21st century spin on age old dishes; delicately balancing creativity and authenticity. Alfred is passionate about Food for Good and works closely with organisations that link the pleasure of food with a responsibility to the community and the environment.


London, United Kingdom
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Located in Twickenham, a large suburban town 10 miles southwest of central London, is restaurant Shiuli. Here, chef Alfred Prasad conjures up delicious contemporary Indian cuisine. In 2002, Alfred was the youngest Indian chef to receive a Michelin star.  The guiding principles of his cooking are heritage, health, and happiness. He expertly combines creativity and authenticity in his mouthwatering seasonal menus. A passionate advocate for Food for Good, Alfred contributes to organizations that combine gastronomy and global responsibility.

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