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destination • December 22nd, 2022

Destination Salzburg, Austria


When you think of Salzburg, a medieval city in Austria, the mind conjures up pictures of snow-capped mountains with nuns dancing down the mountainsides, singing with arms outstretched. While this is not a daily occurrence, the magic of Salzburg, that was captured in the iconic Sound of Music film, is alive and well and the locals are more than happy to show you around their fairy-tale paradise.

Cuisine in Salzburg

Salzburg is famed for being a region for meat eaters, with the meats full of flavour and spice. Some of the classic dishes from the region are the Salzuburger Nockerl, Salzburger Mozartkugel, Salzburger Bierfleisch. They are akin to a hearty stew with beef, vegetables, dumplings and obviously beer. Another staple which no visitor should leave without trying is the Salzburger Bratwurst with roast potatoes and sauerkraut. While the food in Salzburg is on the meaty side there is a new generation of chefs who are exploring a more cosmopolitan style of vegan and vegetarian cooking. Washing all of this hearty local fare down is the amber nectar, beer. Generally known as the beer capital of Austria, Salzburg’s 11 breweries have something to satisfy every taste.

Sightseeing in Salzburg

There are an abundance of sights to see in Salzburg from the almost obligatory Sound of Music tour to palaces and monasteries, breweries and picturesque lakes. The breath-taking view over the Mirabell gardens and the old town, with the fortress atop a hill and the mountains in the background is truly spectacular. Around every corner there is something new and exciting to behold whether you plan on spending the day browsing around the countless boutique shops, taking in the history in one of its many museums or sitting beside the lake listening to Mozart. It is obvious why this is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed city.

JRE Salzburg Chefs

With such natural wonders and beauty around the Salzburg area, it’s unsurprising that a new breed of chef is being lured there by the pure mountain air and delicious fresh local produce, and JRE are delighted to be working with some of the most dynamic chefs around.    

Jürgen Vigne, head chef at Restaurant Pfefferschiff has turned typical Austrian food into a gourmet experience that takes tradition to a new level. They have their own wine cellar from which they pair their wines to perfectly compliment their dishes.

Josef Steffner’s Restaurant Mesnerhaus is known for its traditional Austrian style using self-grown herbs and vegetables, as well as hand-picked mushrooms from the Lungau, one of the 5 regions in Salzburg.

Genießerhotel Sonnhof by Vitus Winkler is full of Alpine character, serving up regional Austrian style cuisine, using fresh local produce and aromatic hand-picked mountain herbs.

Andreas Döllerer runs a classical Austrian kitchen at Döllerer using regional and seasonal ingredients such as succulent fish from the nearby Bluntautal Valley.