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Jürgen Vigné

Meet Pfefferschiff’s chef: Jürgen Vigné. Being one of Austria’s elite cooks, he has created his own characteristic signature at the “Pfefferschiff”. Chef Vigné’s creations surely showcase his tremendous passion for local products. He also loves combining these beautiful regional ingredients in unique and inspiring ways. Expect elegant and innovative dishes made with a classic, French foundation and the best products that the region and current season have to offer.


Hallwang / Salzburg, Austria
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Pfefferschiff lies at the fringes of Salzburg, in the idyllic countryside. The fine-dining spot is hosted by chef Jürgen Vigné and his wife Iris. The restaurant itself is located in a striking baroque building, built over 300 years ago by Anton Kaufmann. Kaufmann owed his riches to the pepper trade. And that’s exactly what the name of the restaurant hints at, as “pfefferschiff” translates to “pepper ship”. Before the building became the restaurant as we know it, it functioned as a parsonage and a gathering spot for epicureans and gourmets. Luckily, its rich history isn’t erased and is still visible in the restaurant’s elegant furniture, the old tile stove in the dining rooms, and the unique outdoor dining area.

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