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Sabrina Steindl

Sabrina Steindl: redefining contemporary hospitality with authentic luxury

Explore Sabrina Steindl's modern approach to hospitality at Der Unterwirt, a place where you can truly indulge and find liberty. Sabrina and her sister Katrin have a real passion for connecting with guests on a personal level, and they've transformed the way they host, breaking away from traditional expectations. Feel true luxury as simplicity meets hedonism in the innovative restaurant at Der Unterwirt. Join us for an authentic culinary adventure with carefully sourced and ethically prepared ingredients. Don't wait, book now for a one-of-a-kind experience of genuine hospitality at Der Unterwirt.

"Consciously we focus on Slow Food, the bioregional diversity of local food production and the quality of all crafts. For generations & since childhood days."

Der Unterwirt

Ebbs, Austria
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Culinary Delights and Natural Charms - Der Unterwirt: A Historic Gem in Ebbs. Experience the culinary surprises and natural beauty surrounding Der Unterwirt, a magnificent white house nestled in the heart of Ebbs since 1490. Led by the Steindl sisters, Sabrina and Katrin, this family-run gastronomic enterprize houses a pioneering Tyrolean gourmet restaurant that embraces the Slow Food movement. Explore the enchanting garden, transformed into an open-air cinema for joyful celebrations. Here you’ll find authentic hospitality, leaving formalities behind for a genuine experience.

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