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Sabrina Steindl

We develop our own personal idea of contemporary hospitality and always meet our guests on the same level. For us, it is not about offering as much as possible, but rather what we ourselves really like and recommend. We have long traditional expectations and values behind us. Our philosophy of life is reflected in Der Unterwirt: a place of pleasure and freedom. Here it is also permitted to be hedonistic, in the authentic luxury of simplicity.

"Consciously we focus on Slow Food, the bioregional diversity of local food production and the quality of all crafts. For generations & since childhood days."

Der Unterwirt

Ebbs, Austria
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Die Unterwirt, is located in a large white house that dates back to 1490 and is nestled in the heart of the town of Ebbs in the centre of the Kaisergebirge Nature Reserve. This historic building has been lovingly converted by sisters Sabrina and Katrin Steindl and features a superb restaurant, a beautiful hotel and a stunning courtyard. 

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