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Sonja Rauch

A skilled sommelier with a passion for hospitality

Sonja Rauch is sommelier at restaurant Geschwister Rauch & Villa Rosa. After finishing her culinary education and internships, she joined her brother Richard at their family’s inn. Here,. Sonja Rauch is not only a perfect host but a skilled sommelier. She is a knowledgeable connoisseur of the Austrian and international wine scene. Although Styrian wine can be served with meals, the Geschwister Rauch's independently curated wine list delights any palate.

Our individually assembled wine list delights any palate.

Sonja Rauch

Geschwister Rauch & Villa Rosa

Bad Gleichenberg, Austria
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This restaurant is a splendid ensemble of a hotel, a top-flight diner and a family-owned butcher. Run by Sonja and Richard Rauch, brother and sister, the Geschwister Rauch & Villa Rosa never lost touch with its Austrian roots. In fact, over the years it has evolved into one of the finest culinary addresses of the country. The charming restaurant features a dining room, separate lounges and a lovely panorama terrace. Here, contemporary culinary talent takes centre stage in an interplay between tradition and finesse.

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