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Maximilian Leodolter

Previously, junior owner and Lurgbauer chef Maximilian Leodolter showcased his refined culinary craftsmanship at top restaurants like the Steirereck in Vienna. But now, he beautifully displays his cooking skills at this fine-dining location in St. Sebastian bei Mariazell. Short-lived trends, such as complicated flavour combinations, aren’t chef Max Leodolter’s cup of tea. Instead, this junior owner likes to keep his dishes simple, so he doesn’t overwhelm his guests. His cuisine is straightforward yet sophisticated, as the restaurant’s “Lurg 1” menu shows. On this menu, each dish revolves around the meat from Aberdeen Angus ox and Lurgbauer pasture calf. This results in six small courses featuring re-invented classics that look and taste contemporary and surprising.


St. Sebastian in Mariazell, Austria
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Originally a farm, Austrian restaurant Lurgbauer is now a celebrated pilgrimage destination for foodies and gourmets. The restaurant, owned by chef Maximilian (Max) Leodolter, lies in a secluded and incredibly romantic area. It’s the perfect place to enjoy chef Max Leodolter’s modern gastronomy, accompanied by a terrific panorama view of Upper Styria. And if you don’t feel like leaving, you can simply spend the night at the romantic farmhouse.

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