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destination • November 2nd, 2021

What to see & do in Styria, Austria


Austria's Styria is a mountainous and forested state known for its historic castles, vineyards and spas. Renaissance and baroque architecture blend harmoniously with modern design in the state capital Graz.  Also called ‘the green heart of Austria’, Styria also offers many possibilities for outdoor activities, for example in Almenland Nature Park. Next to its great Styrian cuisine, the region of Styria has many breathtaking places in store for you to explore.

Volcano Land


Nature Park Almenland

Interesting sights

Styria is famous for its lush green valleys, mountains, and forests. Nature Park Almenland is one of the most beautiful parks of eastern Styria. Located in the heart of Styria, it is 50 kilometers north of the cultural capital of Graz. A very good hiking area, since it is the biggest contiguous low Alpine pasture in Europe.  

Another interesting sight is the Styrian Volcano Land (Steirisches Vulkanland). Contrary to its name, it does not feature lava-spewing volcanoes or blackened scorched earth. Instead, the region is home to a lush green landscape of rolling hills.

Popular attractions

Popular must-sees in Styria are the Murinsel in Graz, a glass-and-steel artificial island, and the alien-like Kunsthaus, a contemporary art museum. The center of the city holds the Schlossberg, which is a tree-clad hill with a historic fortress on top. Towering out above it is the Uhrturm, a 16th-century clock tower.  

Visitors to Styria may engage in many activities and excursions such as hiking, skiing, castle tours, thermal spas, and local festivals. Gems include the Green Lake in Tragöß and Gesäuse National Park in Admont. 

Styrian cuisine

Typical for Styrian cuisine are four things: wine (especially white wine, like Sauvignon blanc and Welschriesling), pumpkin seed oil, Vulcano ham from the Styrian Vulkanland, and big scarlet runner beans, which are served as a salad together with pumpkin seed oil.  

A typical dish in Styria is ‘Steirisches Wurzelfleisch’, boiled pork or beef with apple, horseradish and potatoes. And the scarlet runner bean salad, which are flavored with vinegar, pumpkin seed oil, and onions. Click here if you want to read more about Austrian cuisine or Austrian food culture.

JRE chefs in Styria

Andreas Krainer of restaurant Krainer in Langenwang. Chef Andreas is known for his modern interpretations of Styrian cuisine, for example, sautéed beef testicles with creamy celery and Johann ham, and Styrian pumpkin seed yeast dumplings. His restaurant is located next to the famous Styrian wine route.  

Richard Rauch of restaurant Geschwister Rauch in Bad Gleichenberg. Having traveled extensively, Richard's dishes combine local ingredients with exotic aromas to create refined culinary masterpieces.  

Stefan Eder of restaurant Der Wilde Eder in St. Kathrein am Offenegg. Stephan offers a wide range of delicious regional cuisine made with the finest ingredients, while at the same time retaining a cosmopolitan flair. It’s no wonder his restaurant is one of the most exciting culinary addresses in Styria.  

Maximilian Leodolter of restaurant Lurgbauer in St. Sebastian in Mariazell. Maximilian is most known for his beef specialties. Innovative dishes with fresh and surprising accents are at the center of his cozy restaurant, featuring fantastic panoramas of Upper Styria.  

Markus Rath of restaurant Schlosskeller Südsteiermark in Leibnitz. Styrian specialties represent the focus of Markus’ cuisine, including fried chicken, Angus beef roulade and traditional goulash. 

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