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Lukas Kienbauer

In 2016, at the age of 24, chef Lukas Kienbauer opened his own gourmet restaurant. Growing up in Schärding, there weren’t any fine-dining locations around. That’s why this ambitious chef made it his mission to prove it is possible to start an haute cuisine spot in his small hometown in Upper Austria. In 2015, he bought an old, run-down building and transformed it into the restaurant it is today, within no more than six months. It wasn’t an easy start, but luckily gourmets and critics soon discovered this extraordinary restaurant and its now critically-acclaimed cuisine.

Lukas Restaurant

Schärding, Austria
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Chef Lukas Kienbauer is a shooting star in Austria’s gourmet scene. It comes as no surprise that his very own restaurant in Schärding, named Lukas, is the perfect place to experience the very best that Austrian gastronomy has to offer. The young chef’s innovative cooking style already earned him multiple awards, such as “Best Newcomer 2018” (Gault Millau), 3 hoods and 16/20 points from Gault Millau, 3 forks and 95/100 points from Falstaff, and 4 stars and 90/100 points from À La Carte. In addition, Lukas is featured on Austria’s “100 Best Chefs” list. You can enjoy his extraordinary cuisine in a beautiful minimalist setting, Nordic industrial style. The restaurant offers various dining areas, including a Chef´s Table with a direct view of the open kitchen (for two people), a lounge, and a private section with a single dinner table.

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TALENT – in cooperation with Pastificio dei Campi

"A new generation is inventing tomorrow's gourmet cuisine. This young, award-winning talent that is Lukas Kienbauer from Restaurant Lukas in Austria is driven by desire. Lukas creates a cuisine that is in perfect harmony with both his values and philosophy, while delivering an excellent experience for every guest. Winner Lukas demonstrates extraordinary skill and creativity, taking gourmet standards to the highest level possible. Together with Pastificio dei Campi, we are proud to present this Talent of the Year Award to the ultimate creator of flavour and taste.