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Emanuel Moosbrugger

Sommelier Emanuel Moosbrugger’s initial plan was to spend ten years abroad, to wander and  learn. But eventually, those 10 years turned into 13. And now that Moosbrugger is back in his motherland, he wants to discover what he can accomplish without traveling the globe. The sommelier’s parents, Antonia and Wolfgang, made bio hotel Schwanen what it currently is: an extremely sustainable hotel with an exceptional reputation. And after his time well spent in New York and San Francisco, it was time for Emanuel to take over as the new owner and host of the Schwanen. However, Emanuel’s parents are still very much involved in running the family hotel. Wolfgang continues to host guests, while Antonia works her magic in the Schwanen’s kitchen.


Bizau, Austria
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

In the characteristic bio hotel Schwanen in Bizau (Austria), you’ll find restaurant Esszimmer – which is German for ‘dining room’. Expect a cosy dining spot that feels like home, just like its name implies. The dining room feels fresh, simple and light, without any frills. Expect a beautiful atmosphere with robust wooden floors, benches, walls, ceilings and chairs. An authentic place where you immediately feel at ease.

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