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news • April 9th, 2024



Paris, April 9th, 2024 – International Restaurant Association JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, celebrates its golden jubilee celebration, marking 50 years of dedication to fine dining and gastronomic innovation.

On April 7th and 8th, 2024, in Paris, France, the JRE 50 Years Congress was an unforgettable occasion. This event convened over 500 participants, including 400 JRE chefs and sommeliers, with over 180 Michelin stars, representing 16 countries. International partners, press, exhibitors, and representatives of the most important companies in the Gastronomy world also graced the event with their presence.

“I did not want to miss the 50th birthday of an old friend, JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs.”

Gwendal Poullennec

International Director Michelin Guide

Reflecting on five decades of "Never-ending Passion" in Paris, the city where JRE was founded, participants celebrated the rich European gastronomy while embracing innovation, tradition, and cultural diversity. The Congress provided a platform for participants to exchange experiences and engage in debates centered on the future of fine dining, sustainable business growth, and the impact of global digitalization.

Key highlights of the JRE 50 Years Congress:

The Homecoming:

JRE looked back on 5 decades of top gastronomy and celebrated the people who made JRE possible including past Presidents and members. France took center stage because it is the place where JRE was founded. JRE also announced the plans for the future of the association including the intension to expand outside of Europe and participate in Sustainable projects.

JRE Country Presidents:

Past JRE-International Presidents

During the Gala Dinner, JRE paid tribute to their founders, Nicole Seitz and Jacques Marnier-Lapostolle. Among the attendees at the Congress were Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, daughter of Jacques Marnier-Lapostolle, accompanied by her husband, Cyril de Bournet, and their son, Charles de Bournet. Daniel Lehmann presented an award to Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, who gave a heartfelt speech reflecting on JRE's rich history and the legacy of its founders.


The JRE international board of directors: Daniel Lehmann – President, Hans van Manen – CEO, Gašper Puhan – VP, Daniel Canzian – VP. Other speakers present: Beatrice Cornacchia - Executive VP of Mastercard,  Andrea Illy – Chairman of illycaffè, Gwendal Poullennec – International Director Michelin Guide, Alexandra Marnier-Lapostolle – President of Domaines Bournet-Lapostolle, Sara Rosso-Cipolini – President of Planhotel Hospitality Group, Alexander Herrmann - Owner of Restaurant Aura, Peter Čas – CEO of Vaider Group AG, Ernesto Iaccarino - Owner of Don Alfonso 1890 Restaurant, John Michael Denhof – Board President of Nova KBM Bank, Giuseppe di Martino – CEO and Owner of Pastificio dei Campi, Renzo Cotarella – CEO of Marchesi Antinori, Rod Smith – MW and Regional Chair, Provence of Decanter.

10 Hands Gala Dinner

An exquisite Gala dinner was prepared by 5 JRE Chefs: Paolo Casagrande*** from Restaurant Lasarte in Spain; Ana Ros*** from Hiša Franko in Slovenia; Enrico Bartolini*** from Mudec in Italy; Tobias Bätz** from Aura in Germany; and Eveline Wild (World Pastry Champion) from Der Wilde Eder in Austria.


The winners of the JRE 2024 Awards were unveiled, showcasing the pinnacle of culinary brilliance within the JRE community. JRE recognized outstanding individuals across six categories,

  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Powered by Mastercard - Enrico Bartolini, Restaurant Mudec, Italy

  • Chef of the Year – Powered by Pastificio Dei Campi - Alexander Wulf, Restaurant Troyka, Germany

  • Sommelier of the Year – Powered by Antinori - Nina Bratovž, Restaurant JB, Slovenia

  • Sustainability Award – Powered by Swan Hellenic - Stefano Pinciaroli, Restaurant PS, Italy

  • Innovation Award – Powered by Carpigiani - Ryan Blackburn, Restaurant Old Stamp House, United Kingdom

  • Taste of Origin – Powered by Parmigiano Reggiano - Uwe Machreich, Restaurant Triad, Austria

Chef 2 Chef Summit

Carreau du Temple was the location for the Chef 2 Chef Summit, the program included Masterclasses, demos, wine tastings and a showcase of leading producers, innovative products, and culinary trends. Tignanello vertical wine tasting from Marchesi Antinori; Gran Reserva ‘904 vertical wine tasting from La Rioja Alta S.A ; Clos Apalta wine tasting; Pastificio dei Campi pasta masterclass with Chef Peppe Guida; Carpigiani gelato demo with JRE Chef Stefano Pinciaroli; Foie Royale ethical foie gras demo with JRE Chef Annett Teich; Planted plant-based meat demo.


JRE, together with significant figures from the gastronomy and business sectors, has the potential to drive progress towards a brighter future that goes beyond just gastronomy, encompassing our environmental responsibilities and global sustainability. During the congress, a historic manifesto 'A Toast to a Sustainable Tomorrow - Crafting a Blueprint for a Greener, Eco-Friendly Wine Culture' was endorsed. Signatories committed to developing a lighter wine bottle in the future. The project was supported by the international partner, Vaider Group, a global business partner in the design and production of premium glass packaging at Hrastnik 1860 glassworks. The Manifesto was signed by: The JRE international board of directors: Daniel Lehmann – President, Hans van Manen – CEO, Gašper Puhan – VP, Daniel Canzian – VP; Peter Čas, CEO Vaider Group AG, Hrastnik1860; Renzo Cotarella, winemaker and CEO Marchesi Antinori; Ronnie Janssen, Commercial SVP Domaines de Bournet-Lapostolle; Guillermo de Aranzabal Bittner, Deputy General Director La Rioja Alta S.A.; Nerea Sanz, Marketing Manager Decanter; Rod Smith, Master of wine; Jancis Robinson, Master of wine.

The support of the large gastronomic organizations, a partner capable of ensuring the development of such a bottle, and the backing of the wine community are crucial for the success of the project, whose aim is to transform the wine culture for a more sustainable tomorrow. See more: https://jre.eu/en/manifesto-a-toast-to-a-sustainable-tomorrow

First AI chef

In partnership with Colossyan, JRE introduced the first AI chef, showcasing JRE's commitment to embracing technology and staying at the forefront of culinary trends. The AI chef was a co-host during the Congress.

"We are thrilled to celebrate this occasion in the heart of Paris, where our journey began. The JRE 50 Years Congress was a celebration of our shared passion for fine dining and culinary innovation."

Hans van Manen

JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs CEO for over 20 years

Sustainability first

JRE announced its commitment to compensating for the emissions of the JRE-International Congress. Through strategic measures and partnerships, including investment in sustainable forestry projects with The Green Branch, JRE actively worked in offsetting the carbon footprint of the event. This proactive approach reflects JRE's dedication not only to culinary excellence but also to the preservation of our planet's environment.