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news • June 6th, 2024

JRE Restaurant and Hotel Guides 2024


Jeunes Restaurateurs stands for top cuisine and culinary excellence. Every year, JRE publishes National Restaurant & Hotel Guides. These booklets are free of charge and provide foodies detailed information about our Restaurants, Chefs, Projects and Collaborations.


Over the years, Austrian farmers, winemakers and restaurateurs have skilfully perfected their culinary craft. Combining cooking traditions from the Austro-Hungarian Empire with innovative techniques, Austrian cuisine today showcases a beautiful blend of past and present. The JRE-Austria Guide 2024 presents all of our 43 JRE establishments in Austria, each will guarantee a unique culinary experience. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

JRE-Belgium Guide

Traditionally celebrating seasonal ingredients, Belgian gourmet cuisine gloriously showcases the best that the country’s soil has to offer. With great French-like finesse, these top-notch restaurants in Belgium offer you the opportunity to embark on a voyage of culinary discovery. Get ready for some serious gastronomic pampering. The JRE-Belgium Guide 2024 includes 25 JRE restaurants.


Croatia is an exciting place for gourmets and food connoisseurs. Every region in the country has its own distinct culinary identity. What specialties to expect? Tasty seafood and Istrian truffle-based dishes that’ll make your mouth water. This year, the JRE-Croatia and MasterCard have a special gift, if you visit eight JRE-Croatia restaurants in 2024, you will win a complimentary dinner for two in the JRE-Croatia restaurant of your choice! You can collect extra points by downloading free digital content on the Priceless.com platform.

JRE-France Guide

France is not only home to some of the world’s most stunning scenery: it’s also famous for its exquisite and refined kitchen. From meticulously prepared haute cuisine to perfectly aged cheeses, rare red wines and spectacular champagnes: these award-winning French restaurants and top chefs offer harmonious and delicious dishes – with a sprinkle of je ne sais quoi. The JRE-France Guide 2024 includes 20 of the best restaurants in France. ¡Bon appetit!


Welcome to the land with many culinary faces. Germany's cuisine is shaped by the food traditions in the various regions of the republic and influenced by the cuisines of neighboring countries: In the southern regions such as Swabia and Bavaria, for example, there are several intersections with Austrian and Swiss cuisine. Whether you prefer regional alpine cuisine or internationally oriented fusion cuisine, in Germany, you will find a wide range of restaurants and dishes.


It’s no secret that the Netherlands is famous for its wide variety of heavenly cheeses. But what this small country is also renowned for, is its extensive fishing industry. The coastal fishermen on the North Sea still supply restaurants throughout the country with the finest high-quality fresh seafood. Raw Dutch herring is a culinary delight during the beginning of summer, and a must-try if you venture out here for the first time. Would you like to receive the 2024 JRE-Netherlands guide? Fill in the form and receive the guide at home! We will send it as soon as possible.

JRE-Slovenia Guide

Both in its geography and in its cuisine, Slovenia is a place of striking contrasts. In the region along the Italian border, you can enjoy a delicious light Mediterranean diet consisting of prosciutto ham and olive oil. However, it’s more common for people in the far north and east to feast on heavier foods, with a lot of grains, potatoes, pork, and pumpkin oil. But no matter where in the beautiful Slovenian landscape you are, you’re always sure to find excellent wine nearby, to complete your excellent gastronomic experience.

JRE-Spain Guide

When you think of Spain, in addition to splendid sunshine along with warm hospitality, you also think of fiestas and siestas – and most noteworthy, the delicious Mediterranean food. From tapas to churros, the excellent Spanish cuisine has incredibly high quality and endless diversity to choose from, and is arguably the finest in the world. Spain is blessed with a clear sense of culture and gastronomy, making this country an absolute pleasure to visit. The JRE-Spain Guide 2023 includes 13 of the best restaurants in Spain. ¡Buen provecho!