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Filip Zahariev

Chef Filip Zahariev is the heart and soul behind ONÀ Fine dining, a unique guest house and dining room in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny God forgotten village in the Balkans of Bulgaria. With a genuine love for food and a dedication to culinary craftsmanship, Chef Zahariev creates dishes that celebrate the essence of flavor and creativity, drawing inspiration from long years spent in the high high Arctic and love for the Nordic cuisine. From his early days in the kitchen to owning his own establishment, Chef Zahariev's journey is a testament to hard work and passion. Join him at ONÀ for an unforgettable dining experience, where every dish tells a different story of himself and his path.


Stakavetsi village
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Welcome to ONÀ, where chef Filip Zahariev transforms dining into an immersive journey amidst the pristine landscapes of Stakevtsi. Beyond Michelin concepts, ONÀ is a haven of unforgettable stories, culture, and culinary excellence. Filip, a Chef with Nordic influence, brings a touch of the extraordinary to Bulgaria's northwest. Here, nature creates an unparalleled experience. Zahariev's vision extends beyond the kitchen; it's a celebration of community, regional strengths in wine and fish, and the relentless pursuit of a better, more vibrant future for the northwest Balkans. Join us for an authentic, unexpected adventure at ONÀ.

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