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Veselin Kalev

Veselin Kalev

Experience culinary excellence, where chef Veselin Kalev shines as a visionary in the world of gastronomy. With a unique philosophy that melds tradition with organic local ingredients, he creates culinary masterpieces, ensuring diners have an unforgettable dining experience.


Zornitza, Bulgaria
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Discover aEstivum: A Luxurious Culinary Haven Amidst Natural Beauty. Welcome to aEstivum, a hidden gem in the picturesque Melnik region that offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Join us at this luxurious venue within the Zornitza Family Estate Relais & Châteaux for an epicurean adventure you won't soon forget.

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Celebrating culinary traditions and terroir

Chef Veselin Kalev’s culinary vision is deeply rooted in the rich heritage of traditional cooking. He skilfully blends classic techniques, flavours, and presentations, honouring the origins of modern cuisine. His commitment to fresh, organic, locally-sourced ingredients highlights the authenticity of regional tastes, offering an engaging and genuine gastronomic experience.

A fusion of innovation and tradition

In chef Kalev's restaurant, innovation and tradition blend harmoniously. He experiments with modern techniques and avant-garde presentations yet remains faithful to the core of traditional flavours. This fusion offers a delightful surprise to guests, taking their culinary experience to new exciting heights.

An unforgettable gastronomic adventure

Dining at chef Veselin Kalev's restaurant goes beyond a typical meal; it's a captivating voyage through flavours and emotions. Each dish is carefully prepared to engage the senses and create a lasting impression. Guests are invited to enjoy the artistry of cuisine, fostering conversations, and creating enduring memories.

Experience culinary magic

Chef Kalev's culinary expertise goes beyond serving food; it invites you to discover the essence of culinary artistry, celebrating the diversity of flavours and the richness of culinary tradition.