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Vladislav Penov

Vladislav Penov

Meet Vladislav Penov, a culinary artist whose journey began with childhood fascination for his family’s flavorsome meals. From humble beginnings, he honed his skills across prestigious Bulgarian restaurants before seeking international exposure at Bristol’s Brasserie Blanc. However, it was his culinary odyssey at Copenhagen’s Relae, alongside luminaries like Magnus Nilson and Christian Puglisi, that sparked a cosmic transformation. As executive head chef and co-owner of Cosmos restaurant, Vladislav blends traditional Bulgarian cuisine with a touch of “space oddity”, offering guests an ethereal dining experience that defies labels and transports taste buds on celestial journey.


Sofia, Bulgaria
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Welcome to Cosmos, where the flavors of Balkan cuisine embrace the mysteries of the cosmos. Nestled in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, our restaurant bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, drawing inspiration from forgotten recipes dating back to the Thracian Civilization. We infuse these timeless delights with a touch of “space oddity”, creating a contemporary dining experience that pays homage to Mother Nature’s bountiful offerings. Step into a world where earth meets the outer universe, where culinary boundaries are stretched, and every dish is a celestial journey for your senses. Come, “leave the capsule, if you dare”, and embark on a gastronomic adventure.

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