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Mikhail Alekhin

Miša’s road to success has been paved with passion and hard work. After humble beginnings in the chain restaurant industry, where he learned the importance of speed, efficiency and consistency in the kitchen, Miša's culinary journey led him to work in a variety of restaurants, from international hot spots to Michelin-starred establishments. Eager to learn and absorb everything he could about the art of fine dining, he spent years honing his craft to perfection. We’re grateful to have snatched him just at the right moment. Arriving to Belgrade to become our head chef, he was excited to take on the challenge of reinventing traditional Serbian cuisine, spending countless hours researching and experimenting with local ingredients and flavours, developing our brand new menu that combines traditional Serbian dishes with Miša’s own unique twists and modern techniques.

Salon 1905

Belgrade, Serbia
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Salon 1905 is a fine-dining restaurant at its best. Everything about this restaurant is decorated like it is something from a fairy tale. A perfect atmosphere and an extraordinary menu along with the incomparable professional service really make this restaurant stand out. The finest Mediterranean cuisine is served in this restaurant, and only the freshest of ingredients are used for each dish. The kitchen at restaurant Salon 1905 is known for creating simple yet powerful recipes. The team’s extensive international experience in the gourmet industry ensures a high level of gastronomy every time. On the menu you'll find their signature foie gras and rib-eye steak, plus many other dishes that will make your tastebuds sing and soar.

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