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destination • April 27th, 2023

Destination Bern, Switzerland


Not only is Bern the capital of Switzerland it is also the beer capital of the country, with over two hundred breweries and microbreweries gracing its UNESCO World heritage old town, as well as laundry rooms, garages, any space you can fit a barrel. If that is not enough to get you racing to this beautiful city where the ancient and modern reside as happy bedfellows, then there are the numerous outdoor pools in which to take respite from the summer sun, or the delightful Christmas markets in which to discover the cobbled streets of the old town. Bern is a true gem in Switzerland’s many faceted crown.

Cuisine in Bern

You cannot think of Switzerland without thinking of cheese and the Canton of Bern is no stranger to this worldwide favourite, with delicacies such as the Tête de moine (literally monk’s head) which is kept on spruce boards for at least 2.5 months. It was once used as a means of payment by the monks it was named after. Of course, Bern isn’t all about cheese, it is also famed for its sweet pastries such as the Meitschibei which are finger-thick Bernese pastries filled with sweetened hazelnuts in a horseshoe shape. The name translates directly to girl’s legs as this is what they clearly resemble, though their origin has been lost to the mists of time. For something in the middle there is always the Berner rösti differing from traditional rösti, the national dish of Switzerland, due to its inclusion of diced bacon, Thankfully there is a lot of hiking to be done in Bern to work off all of the deliciousness on offer.

Sightseeing in Bern

As one of the smaller capitals in Europe, the picturesque city of Bern, often known as Beautiful Bern, is easy to get around by foot. Dating back to the 12th century, with its origins to be seen in the medieval streets of the UNESCO World Heritage protected old town, it is fabulously located on a high cliff with the waters of the Aare river on three sides. With its covered arches and delightful churches and towers, you can really feel the past in every worn cobblestone and leaning doorway. Bern is known as the city of fountains, and for very good reason, as they have over one hundred public fountains delighting locals and tourists alike, and they have much the same draw today as they did in the past, as a public place in which to exchange news and gossip.  As well as having a historical and architectural draw, Bern is well known for outdoor pursuits of many kinds, from hiking and mountain biking in the beautiful summer months to skiing, snowboarding and all manner of icy sports in Winter. Bern is as perfect for gastronomes as it is for adrenaline junkies and book worms. 

JRE Bern Chefs

One cannot be but blown away when you first encounter the beauty that is Bern, and then you eat the food on offer and for a second reason quickly cancel the return ticket. If there is any capital city in Europe that is more enchanting, it has stiff competition. JRE are so proud to be partnering with these incredible chefs who have allowed Bern to capture their hearts and culinary skills.

Located in a 600-year old rectory in the beautiful mountain village of Trin, Casa Alva by Reto Cadola and wife Sakiais a delight to behold. The warmest of welcomes spills over into the delicious home cooked yet fine dining food, all sourced locally and inspired by the sea and the mountains that surround it.

Restaurant Adler Fläsch by Siggi Tschurtschenthaler, is a cosy and enchanting experience where regional produce is the star of the stage. Wine paired by sommelier Melanie Kampfer is the perfect accompaniment to the gourmet food served from this most exciting of chefs. Many regulars travel from far afield to experience the delight of Adler time and again.

Continuing on with family tradition, Casa Tödi by Chef Manuel Reichenbach has been in the family for 90 years and the building is hundreds of years old itself. The family-run restaurant prides itself on not wasting anything and so any food that cannot be consumed during the ripening period is then fermented, bottled or pickled to be used at a later date. The seasonal menus are completely in tune with the produce that is on offer, in this most traditional of Swiss cuisine restaurants.

A born traveller, Thomas Dolp’s restaurant, Zum Löwen’s menu reflects wherever he and his family have travelled to lately, be it Asia, the Mediterranean or the Middle East, while taking advantage of all of the natural and fresh local produce that is so prevalent in the region. It makes for an eclectic and exciting experience that is valued by his local and visiting customers.