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Manuel Reichenbach

Manu Reichenbach continues the family tradition whilst modernizing it for the present day. Respecting the local culture, new influences are subtly incorporated into the menu. The cooking style is bold and straightforward with an emphasis on simplicity. Chef Manuel Reichenbach's cuisine gets recognition abroad and has received multiple awards from numerous gastronomy guides. Casa Tödi is a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs and Manuel Reichenbach was recognized by the Prosper Montagne Club for his culinary achievements. In 2020, Manuel received a prestigious 16-points Gault Millau award.


Trun, Switzerland
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A house dating back many centuries, Casa Tödi is a patrician house steeped in tradition. This cozy family-run restaurant serves traditional Swiss cuisine. The Reichenbach family has owned the atmospheric house for 90 years and has managed it for generations. The restaurant is modeled after the historical narratives which describe chef Manuel Reichenbach's parents’ time here, while they led Casa Tödi. In many stories, his grandmother appears, who used to be in charge of the kitchen.

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