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Thomas Dolp

At Zum Löwen restaurant the guests can always tell where chef Thomas Dolp and his family have been on vacation. Their dishes have Asian, Oriental or Mediterranean influences, depending on where they traveled. But Switzerland is also important to them, and its classic dishes are valued by guests from the region. Thomas Dolp believes that season, region, and freshness are always connected. Salmon comes from the Grisons while asparagus comes from Mels. For him, this is the only way restaurant Zum Löwen can serve dishes of impeccable quality.

Zunfthaus zum Löwen

Sargans, Switzerland
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Chef Thomas & hostess Katharina Dolp like to offer their guests a modern type of gastronomy while staying true to the traditional values.  Zunfthaus zum Löwen offers hearty Swiss cuisine in a beautiful guild-style room, accompanied by a modern, light way of serving it. They care about the product’s quality, its naturalness, and its freshness. This is why the chefs prefer to work with regional products. 

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