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Domingo S. Domingo

Chef Domingo S. Domingo finds his inspiration in the natural ingredients at the local market.  In the early morning, Domingo walks on the Bernese Märit in search of the best regional and seasonal products. His choice of vegetables and herbs is inspired by his native Australian and Filipino roots. Spicy rosemary opens your nostrils to deeper breathing, and lemongrass gives you the scent of tranquility. In Domingo’s "Pan Pacific" kitchen, fresh herbs and the so-called “superfoods“ play the main role. Superfoods are natural foods that have an exceptionally high content of essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. 

Mille sens

Bern, Switzerland
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

If you are on the lookout for a creative dining spot, this fine restaurant with a minimalist design and memorable concept will definitely appeal to you. The international cuisine of chef Domingo S. Domingo is fused with superfoods. These vitamin-packed foods can be exotic, such as goji berries, sacha inchi seeds, or matcha tea. But local Swiss superfoods are also used, like cabbage, flaxseed, currant and pike-perch, resulting in delicious and healthy dishes.

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