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Beat Stofer

Chef Beat Stofer is the enthusiastic and enterprising leader of Balm Restaurant. Stofer serves first-class Swiss cuisine for Lucerne locals. His best-sellers, knuckle ravioli, and lime risotto, attract guests from all around the area. Another celebrated dish by chef Beat is the Balche from Lake Lucerne, braised in a Römertopf, with champagne sauce. It has been included on the menu unchanged for decades – and will remain on there as long as Megger fisherman Nils Hofer continues supplying his top-quality fish.


Meggen, Switzerland
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In the beautiful village of Meggen, five kilometers outside of Lucerne, you will find hotel restaurant Balm. This 16-GaultMillau-pointed restaurant offers you fine Swiss cuisine and is decorated in romantic pastel colors.  During the summer, dinner is served on the outdoor patio and terrace. Authentic Swiss cuisine and daily specials with a variety of soups and salads are available in this restaurant. 

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ENTREPRENEUR of the year award – in cooperation with Mastercard

“Unparalleled professionalism is harnessed to create a truly magical stay.” To dine at award-winning Restaurant Balm, from Chef Beat Stofer in Switzerland, is to enjoy a seamless, perfectly executed fine-dining experience. However, behind the scenes is a team of true professionals guided by a talented chef, working tirelessly to ensure only the highest of standards - perfect, discreet and almost invisible. Never-ending passion is key in everything they do, to ensure that every experience is priceless.. The entrepreneur of the year award in partnership with Mastercard is an homage to Beat who is indeed, a distinctive Master in the field.