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Patrick Germann

Patrick Germann, who is also trained as a pastry chef, cooks seasonally and regionally. Together with his partner and soemmlier Franziska Ilg he also runs the GnussStube, an a la carte restaurant. There is also the MundArt gourmet restaurant, which offers 4- to 6-course meals on a seasonal menu that can be ordered in advance.

Bären, Gnuss und meh.

Schwarzenburg, Switzerland
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Embedded in the hills of the Gantrisch region lies the Bären, Gnuss und meh restaurant. The restaurant offers its guests Swiss culinary art and hospitality that comes from the heart.  Inspired by the abundance of nature, Chef Patrich Germann creates a gastronomic feast that is right for everyone.

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