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Rolf Fuchs

Steffisburg-native Rolf Fuchs can be proud of a successful career that already encompasses many years. Inspired by his teacher Gregor Zimmermann of Bellevue Palace Bern, chef Rolf Fuchs decided to take part in cooking competitions. He apprenticed at the Chesery restaurant in Gstaad under Robert Speth. In order to implement what he had just learned, Rolf Fuchs, who was only 20 at the time, took part in the Swiss Culinary Cup competition. The next year he was the youngest competitor to win first place and won the title of “Chef of the Year 1998”. Rolf won Switzerland's national championship in 1997 and qualified for the IPF World Championships in Montreal, where he represented Switzerland against 34 nations in 1999. He had great success and won both the gold medal and the world championship title. Multi-award-winning chef Rolf Fuchs joined his parents' business Panorama restaurant in 2000, where he was eager to demonstrate his creativity and spontaneity. 


Steffisburg, Switzerland
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Featuring authentic Swiss cuisine and friendly, attentive service, Panorama restaurant will give you a well-deserved break from your usual daily routine. Guests can expect to experience intensely flavoured, sophisticated cuisine with top-quality ingredients.  If that was not enough to convince you to visit, the Panorama terrace offers stunning views. In addition to the great food and service, many restaurant-goers are also drawn in by the excellent wines and ambiance of the restaurant.

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