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Denis Schmitt

Le Murenberg fulfilled Melanie and Denis Schmitt's dream of owning their own restaurant. Chef Denis Schmitt works at the stove, while his wife Melanie, a pastry chef, not only runs the restaurant in a charming manner but also takes care of the delicious desserts. You can tell the excellent craftsmanship in chef Denis Schmitt’s modern-inspired classic dishes. For example, the exquisite tuna, which is pickled with a herb coating, served as a tartare and lightly seared. Another remarkable fact is that the chef comes from a family of winemakers. This means you can look forward to a nice extensive selection of quality wines, carefully selected by sommelier Melanie Schmitt. The half bottles are particularly interesting at Le Murenburg.

Le Murenberg

Bubendorf, Switzerland
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Le Murenberg focuses on the essentials of French cuisine. In March 2012, Denis and Melanie Schmitt opened their gourmet restaurant in the Bubendorf community. The 1-Michelin-starred restaurant combines an elegant environment with a wonderful daily menu of creative and fresh dishes.

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