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Jörg Lenzin

Jörg Lenzin started his own cooking story at Restaurant Chez Jeannette in Aarau. After the tough but interesting apprenticeship, he took up the challenge of a seasonal position and stayed at the Hotel Palace in Gstaad for 8 seasons. In the off-season he never rested and extended his experience at home and abroad. He worked at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Lausanne, for 3 months at the only 7-star hotel Burj al Arab in Dubai, or at the Four Season Hotel in Limassol on Cyprus as well as at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco and at The Vintage Restaurant in Ireland. He now wanted to deepen his cooking skills even further and spent a season at the world-famous Jöhri's Talvo in St. Moritz. He also briefly looked into the kitchen of Anton Mosimann and worked for some time at the Thai restaurant Sunset in Zurich. Not only did he train his dexterity hard, in addition to the long working days at the Palace, he also completed further training as a catering chef with a federal certificate. In 2002, as executive sous-chef, he was able to help realise the reopening of the Grandhotel Bellevue in Gstaad. Master chef and innkeeper courses were also a must. Now slowly back to his home region. In autumn 2003 he returned to the restaurant Chez Jeannette in Aarau as head chef.


Wölflinswil, Switzerland
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

This family-run restaurant is housed inside a country inn that dates back to the 13th century. Here, chef Jörg Lenzin and sommelier Judith Lenzin-Munari serve good quality and traditional Swiss cuisine in a cozy rustic surrounding. Next to this, the hotel offers guests the possibility to extend their stay in one of the attractive, well-kept rooms. The restaurant has different areas, like the “Smoker’s Lounge” where you can start your relaxing evening and wind down with a cigar and a digestif. In the "Jardin des Sens", "Ochsensaal," “Small Dungeon" and the baroque "Benken Hall” you can enjoy your food and drinks in different settings.

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