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Grégory Wyss

Discovering the culinary passion of Grégory Wyss at Gerber Wyss

In the heart of Yverdon-les-Bains, a town known for its culinary delights, there is a special place that embodies the love for gastronomy: Gerber Wyss. This culinary haven is the brainchild of three passionate friends: Laurena, Grégory, and Séverin. At the heart of this culinary journey stands Grégory Wyss, a talented chef who brings delight to the palates of all who dine at this exquisite establishment.

GERBER WYSS Restaurant

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
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Authentic delights at restaurant Gerber Wyss: a culinary gem in Yverdon-les-Bains. On the lookout for a gastronomic paradise in Yverdon-les-Bains? Look no further! Restaurant Gerber Wyss is a well-hidden culinary gem nestled on Rue du Four. With a boulangerie-chocolaterie and a charming tea salon ‘Chez Lili-Rose’, all under one roof. This dining destination offers an unforgettable experience for food enthusiasts and tea lovers alike.

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A journey of culinary excellence

Grégory Wyss, the mastermind behind the delicious dishes at Gerber Wyss, has a deep-rooted passion for culinary excellence. As the head chef of the restaurant, he crafts each dish with precision, creativity, and impressive commitment to using the finest and freshest ingredients. Grégory's culinary creations are a fusion of authenticity and innovation, capturing the essence of flavours that leave guests in awe.

A tale of gastronomic harmony

Behind every successful restaurant you’ll find a harmonious team. Grégory Wyss has found his partner in Laurena, his wife, and the director of the dining room at Gerber Wyss. Together, they create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality that enhances the dining experience. Their shared passion for food and hospitality ensures that every meal at Gerber Wyss is not just a culinary pleasure but also a memorable dining affair.

Preserving tradition in the art of baking

While Grégory focuses on crafting delectable dishes in the restaurant, Séverin Gerber takes the reins of the boulangerie-chocolaterie and its tea salon. As the talented chef-boulanger, Séverin preserves the tradition of artisanal baking. With each loaf of bread and every sweet treat that comes out of the oven, he pays homage to the time-honoured art of baking, bringing joy to locals and visitors alike.

A culinary trio committed to excellence

Laurena, Grégory, and Séverin form a culinary trio that goes above and beyond to provide excellence in every aspect of Gerber Wyss. Their passion for gastronomy, dedication to quality, and commitment to exceptional service have made Gerber Wyss a favourite destination for food enthusiasts and tea aficionados.