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news • January 24th, 2023

Fine Dining with International Chefs JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs Limited Edition


Six international chefs from the JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs circuit - from the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, France, Croatia and Belgium - will be guests in Bergamo at Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant, in Life Source, welcomed by Executive Chef Enzo Pettè. Until March 2023, six special dinners with as many original four-handed menus pay homage to Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023

[Bergamo, 24 January 2023] We have finally got to the heart of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 and it is precisely in this context that the appointments with the Fine Dining continue at Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant in Bergamo, which is part of the Life Source hospitality hub. Until next spring, for one evening a month, the Resident Chef Enzo Pettè will host an international chef from JRE-Jenues Restaurateurs in his kitchen to interpret the fruits of the Bergamo and Brescia area, dedicated to sustainability in the kitchen, proposing four-handed gourmet menus in homage to the values, flavors and emotions of Bergamo Brescia 2023. 

After the success of the previous four nights evenings that saw as protagonists the Executive Chef Enzo Pettè and respectively the chef Werner Croymans of Somm restaurant in Uden, in the Netherlands, the Michelin star Rob Krawczyk of Chestnut restaurant in Cork, in Ireland, and the Green Michelin star  Borja Marrero Vázquez of Muxgo restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), and the chef Grégory Doucey of the In-Fine restaurant in Frontignan (France), the next appointment is for Thursday 16 February 2023. The international guest of this fifth "Fine Dining" is the Croatian chef Saša Began of the Foša restaurant in Zadar

As in every appointment, the four-handed menu refers to one of the great themes of Bergamo Brescia Capitale: that of the "Illuminated City", that is, a lively and joyful city, which is a source of innovation and a point of reference, which looks to the future keeping the roots firmly in its identity. The four-handed menu therefore offers ancient traditional dishes interpreted in an innovative way: the undisputed protagonist will be the modern Casoncello according to Le Terre, but there will also be typical local ingredients, such as quail, taleggio and mushrooms.

The gastronomic proposal of the six dinners always maintains a "green" character and includes regional and sustainable ingredients, in synergy with small local producers, both for the research of garden products and for dairy products and, last but not least, meat and fish. 'fresh water. Alongside these, there will also be ingredients characteristic of the cuisine of the two chefs who wrote the menu. Each dinner consists of five courses with paired wines and is supported, both in the menu and during the evening itself, by a storytelling of the products and culture of the territory from which they come. An original and exclusive menu for a low-priced menu for the occasion: dinners cost € 110 per person, including wines.

Reservation on the website https://leterre.it/cene-stellate/ or calling at 035 05 26 16.

The restaurant theater of the initiative

Context of the initiative with an international footprint is Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant, the scene of an ideal culinary journey, between places and memories, in the direction of contemporary flavors. To frame the gourmet appointments, the elegance of a room with a contemporary atmosphere, where the metropolitan environment is combined with the design of the mise en place that matches the proposals of the kitchen, in balance between the authenticity of the ingredients and the cooking techniques that welcome significant names from the European gourmet circuit for the occasion.

Priviledge gastronomic window on one of the most famous art cities in Italy - Bergamo -, Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant (four seasonal changes, tasting menu, veg and celiac dishes) guarantees seasonal products at zero km, of the highest quality and refinement for singularities, which become the protagonists of proposals capable of blending the tradition of the best Italian cuisine, and in particular of Bergamo, with the creativity of experimental suggestions based on the philosophy of contrast. The classic taste coexists and harmonizes with the contemporary one, creating tasting paths between solid certainties, reinterpreted in a modern key, and surprising flashes, to discover new and eco-sustainable flavors of the territory. The star of the menu is ravioli: stuffed pasta, in all its forms, is celebrated in an original and unique version, again by Chef Enzo Pettè.

The Executive Chef Enzo Pettè

At the helm of Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant’s brigade, the Executive Chef Pettè, an Italian with international experience. Already awarded with the Michelin star at the Osteria del Vicario in Certaldo, he was first chef in the kitchen and owner of the Ristorante da Ciacco Fortezza Medicea in Florence, then chef at the Hotel Helvetia & Bristol; in 2013 he landed at the Macelleria Motta restaurant in Milan and spent the following years as the executive of the restaurant inside the Rosa Grand in Milan.

Pettè brings new and experimental dishes to the table, but at the same time ancient and familiar, with a lot of Mediterranean inside and with a healty approach. His cuisine is timbre, tonal, head and throat, as Gualtiero Marchesi theorized, and which also pays homage to the recommendation of Nicolas de Bonnefons, Louis XIV's dining master: that "cabbage soup must know of cabbage, leek of leek, turnip of turnip ". This is the fundamental rule of Enzo Pettè, conservative-progressive and innovator anchored in tradition: respect the integrity of the raw material, preserve its characteristics and peculiarities. Then, however, free rein to imagination and creativity, in the passionate search for new combinations, to reveal and keep secrets, like an alchemist.

 Life Source

Le Terre Restaurant is the gourmet spearhead of Life Source, the new frontier of well-being that places the person at the center of a series of experiences of a different nature (food, healthy, relaxing). Starting with the Life Source Food Experience, where the gastronomic proposal of Le Terre Gourmet Restaurant joins, without getting confused, with the pop and chic proposals of Onda Bistrot and Rooftop Atmosfere. Three spaces dedicated to the culture of good food which, in the name of a green philosophy and slow living, the hospitality center - inaugurated in September 2021 on the outskirts of Bergamo - has studied aiming for a healthy vision inspired by nature for aesthetic choices of the interiors and the proposals of the menu, electing the quality of the products and the attention to their selection as bulwarks, the skill in their processing according to diktat and the care in proposing them to note of value.

The same approach is expressed in the other two souls of this center, different but connected: hospitality, entrusted to Life Hotel (4-Star Superior with 126 rooms, suites and apartments, and four meeting and event rooms), and health, with the Wellness space dedicated to sports activities, detox moments and beauty treatments. The structure is completed by Life Clinic equipped with medical offices and an operating room for state-of-the-art day surgery.

Innovation, sustainability and well-being, therefore, are the basis of the philosophy of Life Source, one of the only two Italian companies in the hospitality world that have obtained the LEED Gold certification. The LEED certification, divided into 4 levels, of which Gold is the third, guarantees a high standard of quality throughout the construction process, taking into consideration parameters ranging from the sustainability of the site to water management, from energy consumption to air quality, from the materials used to design innovation.

Fine Dining Calendar 2023

23 January Grégory Doucey of the In-Fine Restaurant (France)
16 February Saša Began from the Foša Restaurant (Croatia)
14 March Antoine Guilmot of the Nowa Restaurant (Belgium)


Places are limited and reservations are required on the website https://leterre.it/cene-stellate/ or by calling 035 05 26 16

5-course menu, wines included € 110