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Château Attisholz

Château Attisholz

Attisholz: A Culinary Journey Through Time and Tradition. Welcome to Attisholz, where history meets gastronomy. Nestled under the roof of an 18th-century historical building, this enchanting venue houses the acclaimed gourmet restaurant, "le feu," and a selection of charming halls suitable for every occasion. Attisholz prides itself on crafting exquisite culinary experiences with utmost care and thoughtfulness. From the choice of premium ingredients to the artful preparation, every aspect of their cuisine is a celebration of tradition, experience, and creativity.

Château Attisholz

Riedholz, Solothurn, Switzerland
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Jörg Slascheck

Jörg Slascheck
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Timeless Gastronomy

Artful Culinary Experience

Enchanting Event Venue

The Recipe for Excellence

Attisholz holds a straightforward but meaningful culinary creed. Each dish that emerges from their kitchen reflects their unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for the culinary arts. They're staunch advocates for selecting only the best ingredients, chosen with precision and care. By nurturing close ties with reliable growers and purveyors, they guarantee that every component in their dishes is chosen with the highest standards in mind. Their menu is in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, ensuring that diners are always presented with the freshest, most vibrant offerings that also bring a touch of the unexpected.

The Heart of the Kitchen

At Attisholz, the culinary approach is rooted in a deep respect for time-honored traditions and the accumulated wisdom of generations. Their dishes are more than recipes; they're a harmonious blend of history and skill, perfected over years to offer a sensory celebration of taste and texture. The chefs at Attisholz draw on the lessons of the past while looking forward, continually exploring the vast landscape of culinary possibilities.

Cooking as an Artisan's Craft

At Attisholz, the kitchen is a canvas and cooking an art, each dish crafted with the precision and passion of an artist. From the initial chop to the final garnish, every element is prepared from the ground up, promising guests an experience at the pinnacle of culinary delight. Here, a meal is similar to a painted masterpiece, with attention to the minutest detail and a mindful composition of ingredients. This dedication to the artistry of cuisine is what elevates the act of cooking into an exceptional form of expression at Attisholz.

The Grand Hall - A Place for Celebrations

The grandeur of Attisholz extends beyond the kitchen into their exquisite event space. The appropriately named "The Grand Hall" can accommodate up to a hundred guests, providing an idyllic setting for various celebrations. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or farewell, this captivating hall promises to create memorable moments in an ambiance that exudes warmth and elegance.



Château Attisholz Attisholzstrasse, 3 4533 Riedholz, Solothurn Switzerland


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Opening times

Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00 18:30 - 00:00
Thursday 12:00 - 14:00 18:30 - 00:00
Friday 12:00 - 14:00 18:30 - 00:00
Saturday 12:00 - 14:00 18:30 - 00:00

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