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Vive la Vie

Restaurant Vive la Vie

Restaurant Vive la Vie is located only a few steps from the Martini Tower in Groningen. The restaurant has been completely renovated by the owner and chef Jeroen Sportel, giving it a cozy atmosphere in the busy city center.

Vive la Vie

Groningen, Netherlands
G&M 14,5
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Jeroen Sportel

Jeroen Sportel
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Top chef Jeroen Sportel is owner and chef at restaurant Viva la Vie. His passion for cooking started at a part-time job in a steakhouse. After his culinary education, he joined restaurant De Vlindertuin in Zuidlaren and got hired as head chef at restaurant De Loohoeve in Schoonloo. Jeroen currently draws inspiration for his cooking from his travels throughout Asia and utilizes all his experience at his own restaurant, Vive la Vie in Groningen.

Modern French cuisine

Local seafood

14,5 Gault Millau points

Restaurant Vive la Vie

The open kitchen is the beating heart of the restaurant. Here, the French classics combined with Asian flavours from Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos, paired with the perfect wine by the sommelier, make this restaurant a real gourmet treat.

Vive la Vie’s cuisine

For chef Jeroen Sportel, cooking comes straight from the heart. He always aims to be innovative with his dishes. French cuisine is the starting point, but global influences provide ever-new taste combinations. In his culinary travels around the world, Jeroen has acquired the knowledge and skills that he uses daily. Examples of the menu are a composition of sea bream with octopus, artichoke, basil and antiboise, which create a tasty connecting whole. Or a dish around rosé fried wild duck breast finished with pistachios, which chef Jeroen further enriches with celeriac, goose liver and salty blackcurrant sauce. The sommelier will pair each dish with the perfect wine, with a wide variety of options from the extensive wine list. Your taste buds will be amazed by the creative cuisine of restaurant Vive la Vie. Good to know: vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available upon request.

Groningen surroundings

Located in the heart of Groningen, the surrounding area of the restaurant has many sights to offer. For example, you can enjoy contemporary art at the internationally renowned Groninger Museum, or take a stroll through the gorgeous Renaissance-style garden Prinsentuin.

JRE - Chef of the Year 2023

An "homage" to the chef; the pursuit of the right combination in complete harmony with the chef's philosophy. JRE chefs possess the extraordinary talent and creativity to transform gastronomic ideas into balanced creations. Their drive is an example and inspiration for young people so that one day they too will excel at the highest level.



Vive la Vie Oosterstraat 39 9711 NP Groningen Netherlands


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Opening times

Wednesday 18:00 - 21:00
Thursday 18:00 - 21:00
Friday 18:00 - 21:00
Saturday 18:00 - 21:00

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Sightseeing flight in a Cessna 172 above the 'Wad' with chef Jeroen Sportel, 7-course ALL-IN dinner at Vive la Vie (only on reservation via secretariat)

€ 775 for 2 people

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